HI, I have CJ - MV 60 SE , what do you think if I want to put the new tube

KT150 ? and if ok, do I have to do any adjustment? Thanks. Sean
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That's something I would ask Conrad Johnson. From what I've read, there may be some concerns with the KT150 and their newer amps. I think caution should definitely be exercised in their older amps.
With any output tube replacement the bias would have to be re-adjusted. Both the KT120 and 150 have a higher heater current draw. Check with CJ to see if the amp can handle it before trying those tubes.

Note. Don't expect any more power. I have an Octave V110 which is a modified V70se designed to put out an additional 40W. The plate and grid voltages need to me modified to get more power. That said I asked Octave if the KT150 would be OK for the V110 and the owner responded by saying it will work just fine but I will only hear the sonic differences between the KT120 and 150 but get no additional power. In fact he is considering modifying a V80 to use the full potential of the KT150.
Yes I would very definetely seek out cj's advise. They are usually very quick to respond ......
Thank you very much for your informations.