CJ mv60se/11a

is the mv60se really better than the older 11a? can one use el34 in the se, without rebuilding anything or so? the CJ site doesnt mention the se model at all, is it just a rebuild done elsewhere than the factory? how do one do the convertion from ultralinear to the triode operation, and why would one do that.. yes, im new to this.. but about to try the world of tubes
Hifi, based on what I've READ about the '60SE and my experience with 2 Eleven-As, I'd say they're very close. I THINK the '60SE now uses the same very-high-quality 'styrene coupling and PS-bypass caps as the Eleven (but you might ask c-j), and I've read that it uses the very-same output transformers, and that's why c-j can use 6550s in it.

EL34s in push/pull ultralinear mode, which is how they (and 'most other tubed poweramps that use paired output tubes) are used in the '60, are noted for their uniquely rich-sounding midrange but less-excellent sound at the frequency extremes. In PP-triode mode, one gets even more of that lushness in the midrange, along with less power. The SAME amp with 6550s probably will sound a little less rich in the midrange but a little better in the bass and treble ranges.

I don't know if the '60SE can be wired in triode; again, ask c-j. Ed Deitemeier answers the service@conradjohnson.com e-mails, and he's been very helpful over the years. Whether '34s can be used in the 'SE is another question for c-j.

As far as value, I THINK I'd buy another $1500 used Eleven-A rather than a new or used '60SE, but I've now fallen into the clutches of single-ended triodes, so there's no hope for me!

Good luck. I like c-j stuff and have owned many pieces over the decades.
To change these CJ amps to enable el34 triode operation; they need to go in for this. If you're on the east coast Music Technology does this. Ask Ed to give you Bill Thallman's contact info.