CJ MV60SE v. Premier 140

Has anyone had the chance to listen to these 2 amps side by side? My local dealer doesn't carry the Premier, and while I like the MV60SE, I've wondered whether the Premier is THAT much better. Any input appreciated.
I fulfill your criteria. Both are sweet sounding amps. The MV 60 SE has the standard CJ midrange. Bass response is good, but sometimes runs out of power, reflecting wattage and speaker efficiency. The top end is open and clean, but roles off ever so slightly. Soundstage is wide, deep and comes forward so you are sitting in the center seats somewhere around row 5.

The 140 goes far beyond. The musicians are in the room with you and the sound is as real as it gets. Bass is tight and accurate and rarely runs out of steam. Midrange is more specific full of inner harmonics so it exceeds the MV 60SE. There is no top end roll off. The amp just sings. It is natural, never harsh nor muddy. It is always clean, consistent and live. I cannot go back to the MV 60SE.

Now to add something. The MF2250A is a sleeper. It needs a very good front end, otherwise it is a class B amp as Sam Tellig rated it. It is not in any way a class B amp. It is a class A amp and far exceeds the MV 60 SE on every plane. It is close to the 140 but does not have the midrange clarity and overall detail and inner harmonics. It is an amp that you can turn on and just forget about. Listen to the music and be done with it. It is a keeper.

The MF 2500A has more detail and specificity than the 2250A. Its bass is cleaner, detailed, accurate and musical. Never any boom or mud. It is almost double the wattage so it has headroom to spare creating a soundstage that goes beyond the walls of your room. It is not as sweet as the 2250A but offers other sonic qualities that amply compensate. It offers ease and music.

Hope this helps.