CJ MV60SE versus ARC VT100 series ii or iii

Hi guys,

Has anyone ever compared these amps using same preamp, speaker and source combo? What are the stronger and weaker aspects of each of these amps.

I have owned the CJ & ARCii but not at the same time. The ARC are very good sounding amp and have a stronger bass than the CJ MVSE but in my opinion the CJ mid range was sweeter. The biasing for the ARC amps for me was also much more difficult to set. So IMHO the ARC will control the speaker better but the CJ mid range was better. Both used are very good buys and you would have to spend quite a bit more a get better sound.
I have an MV60SE at this time and like it quite a lot but was thinking about upgrading. However, by the sound of it I would not gain a whole lot except for bass with the VT100
Classic CJ vs ARC battle for your audiophile soul - yang or yin, silver or gold, ginger or maryanne. The ARC gets a better grip on woofers and renders transients more incisively. The CJ has better harmonic nuance and texture in the mids and highs.

The CJ is a wee bit warmish, with a slight caramel coloration, slightly soft in the bottom end. In the long run the VT100 gave me listening fatigue. Ever put a piece of aluminum foil in your mouth? That's what the VT100 series sounded like to me. Happily, newer ARC amps do *not* have this characteristic. If those are your only choices, stick with the CJ.
Thanks guys, I will stick with my CJ. As I mentioned earlier I am happy with it....but you know how the upgradius bug goes in this hobby.