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Sennhieser 650's
Had the Cardas with my 600's.  Bought the Stephan Audio Arts cable.  If you like the Cardas you'll be VERY happy with the Stephan Audio Arts cable. 
Clearaudio Turntables
I auditioned and almost bought the Ambient a number of years ago.  It is a beautiful table but was over my budget at the time.  I currently own the Ovation which I purchased about 5 years ago.  A wonderful table as well.  Its been quite a while si... 
Whats the FATTEST sounding Tube amp to warm up Lean speakers?
Be careful what you ask for with the Merlins.  Along with fat, full and warm you most likely will also get slow and syrupy.  I have 2 pairs of Merlins and have run them with several different amps, including some older CJ amps.  With Premier 12's ... 
How much better is direct BNC vs adapter
Audio Engineer who participates in these forums sells a $275 BNC cable with RCA adaptors.  I purchased one a few months ago.  Beats the pants off RCA coax cables I have tried for twice the price. 
Schiit Saga which tubes to order?
Gungnir multibit.  Again terrific bang for the buck.All my Schiit is for a 2nd system I recently sent up in the bedroom.  Running everything balanced with an Atmas-phere amp.  I was trying to hold out for a good used Atmas-phere pre, which don't c... 
Schiit Saga which tubes to order?
Enjoying it very much.  It's a great little preamp.  It was my first experience with the Schiit brand.  I've since bought one of their DAC's and I'm considering one of their headphone amps.Talk about bang for the buck products.  Kind of makes you ... 
Schiit Saga which tubes to order?
And Lowrider $349 is the price of the amp with a stock tube.  Remember we're talking Schiit here. 
Schiit Saga which tubes to order?
Just to clarify the Schiit Tungsol are Russian not NOS. 
Schiit Saga which tubes to order?
When I bought my Freya I just ordered the stock tubes and then went looking for something else that could help improve the sound at a reasonable price.  Let's face it you probably don't want to spend more for the tubes than what the preamp cost.  ... 
Schiit Saga which tubes to order?
Try the "Early Russian" from Upscale.  Only 5 bucks more than Tung-Sol.  That's what I'm using in my Freya.  Provides a very nice improvement over the stock tube and the Tung-Sol. 
My impression of Pass Lab XP-10 (with respect to Conrad Johnson 17LS)
Not trying to spend your money, but some things may be simpler than you think :-). 
My impression of Pass Lab XP-10 (with respect to Conrad Johnson 17LS)
"but I don't think it will solve some of the 17LS weakness such as dynamic, bass, and linearity."Again try the Tele's.  They'll do just that. 
My impression of Pass Lab XP-10 (with respect to Conrad Johnson 17LS)
do yourself a favor and pick up some  MATSUSHITA / NATIONAL PCC88 / 7DJ8 tubes at Upscale Audio.  Any brightness you had in the Pr17 will be a distant memory.  Tonal qualities of the 17 will also improve significantly.  Depending on the grade the... 
Ethernet over power line adaptor
I used a Netgear Poweline 1200 from an outlet next to my router in the basement to an outlet on the 2nd floor next to my Node2.  After installing signal went from very week to very strong with no cutouts.   
Clearaudio Universal- anyone heard??
The Cadenza Bronze is a great cartridge.  A little bit of warmth with enough detail to satisfy but never fatiguing.  Sounds great on my Universal especially when compared to the Clarify arm that came with the table.  I had thought about using an O...