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Another cable question
Yes sound sigs of both are the same.  I have the N200 in another system:-). I'd start with the Cardas Clear HS USB, or digital spdif depending on how you've connected the N200 to the Pontus.  Also, if you do, give it a solid week or so to settle ... 
Another cable question
I have the N150 and Pontus II.  I think what you maybe looking for is a little more warmth and smoothness.  At least that was one area I had to work on in my setup when comparing digital play back to records.  I'm using Cardas Clear interconnects ... 
I love my analysis plus but...
This guys a joke.  Just goes to show anyone can sell cables or critique them?  What's new.  Sorry I wasted 5 minutes watching.  
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
I upgraded my TP modified Node to the Aurender N150 (one step down from the N200 that I also own) into my Pontus II.  Teddy Pardo is a nice improvement to the Node but the Aurender eats it for lunch.  Haven't tried the N200 with the Pontus yet, bu... 
Pontus ii and Hi Res
Subscribe to Qobuz.  Problem solved.  You'll get up to 196 with your setup and the lights on the Pontus will confirm it. Better SQ than Tidal too.  
Pontus ii and Hi Res
What is your monthly charge?  You might think you're subscribed to hi res but if you not paying for it you won't get it despite what your Tidal menu says.  
Conrad Johnson upgrades - Anyone doing?
The CJ teflon caps are going to be very expensive assuming they're even available for components that old.  If you're talking about still doing more, unless your components have some sort of sentimental value, you're better off buying a newer vers... 
CJ 140lm monos vs pass x350.8
The closest you're going to get is probably the CJ Premier 350 if you can find one.  The CA 200 will get you pretty close as well but again hard to find..  If you want to stay with Pass you're probably better sticking with the older Class A .5 ser... 
AudioQuest Vodka vs Purist Audio Ethernet Cable
Wondering the same thing about Cardas Clear Ethernet.  Use Cardas high speed usb which is an improvement over other usb cables I've tried, some similarly priced.   
Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?
Have to agree with the above analysis.  With improvements in digital, in your case your $$$ are better spent upgrading your digital components.  At least that's been my experience.  
Review: Denafrips Ares II
@ mceljo & pmm Ditto, ditto, ditto ;-)  
Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?
I can only answer your question based on my own personal experience in a similar situation using Cardas.  Upgraded from Clear to Clear Beyond from my source to my preamp.  Forgetting the $$$ for a moment, very similar to what you are asking,  yes ... 
Cable brands that work well with Cardas?
@decooney  Coincidentally I used AP Solo Crystal before I got into Cardas.  Still have several pairs in my closet.  I'll give  intermixing a try too and see what happens 🤔  
How crucial is the quality of a digital cable?
I believe you've analyzed your problem correctly.  Quite sure a better coax cable should help but I don't think a $50 cable will do it.  Audioquest makes decent coax cables but you may need something like the Carbon.  If you order through someone ... 
Mesh network versus a simple Wi-Fi extender
Sorry meant to say one component like a streamer.