Anyone compare Cary V12 amp to CJ MV60SE

I am in considering the purchase of one of these two amps, but unfortunately do not have the opportunity to compare side by side. I own Dynaudio Contour S5.4 speakers and a CJ PV14L preamp and am wondering what thoughts folks may have to share. I heard the CJ drive a pair of confidence c2's (in a less than ideal environment) and was impressed with how they handled the task, but I feel the Cary might be better capable of handling both my serious listening cravings as well as my "lets crank it up and bask in the glory" listening sessions. Thoughts welcome...
I haven't heard the CJ amp, but have owned a Cary V12i. While I think very highly of the amp, maybe its me, but I never thought of it, nor found it to be a crank it up type of amp.
Thanks for the response Clio. I may not have adequately conveyed my thoughts earlier. By cranking it up, I meant striving for somewhat realistic volume levels without loss of musicality. My equipment by no means gets driven hard, but I do take advantage of my speakers' abiliity to produce a very deep, wide and detailed soundfield at relatively loud levels. In fact the CJ dealer I heard the mv60 at played it louder than I would have. What speakers are you driving with your Cary?
thanks again for the response.
I have heard both. I have Cary Sixpacs which are the less physically appealing Cary V12R's driving Merlin VSM- MX's and the combination is terrific. The Dynaudio's are great speakers too. The cary will have absolutly no problem driving your speakers as hard as you want. Also I believe that the R version (w/ the 12 BZ tube) will give you considerably more bottom end weight and authority than the CJ while preserving the holographic midrange magic. Finally, the R version is sinificantly better than the "i"

I was driving a pair of Spendor 1/2e speakers with my Cary. In light of your clarification I would agree with Aronss that you could get what you need from thr V12. As to the statement that the V12R is significantly better than the V12i, I would disagree. I have heard both in the same system and would say that the difference is noticeable, but to my ears was subtle, not significant.
thanks Aronsss and Clio for taking the time to respond. Your input is much appreciated.

I have to agree with Aronsss, the Cary "R" version is better than the original version, the 12BZ7 input gives the amp some balls. The c-j is a good amp but because the Cary offers triode mode it sounds purer and harmonics are a bit better and the Cary has a little more inner detail.

Good Luck*>)