Krell Reliability?

I have heard a lot about many problems encountered with any Krell equipment.
Even their kps 25sc pre/CD Player and cx series arrived already badly built from its box.

Any comments?
I have to say that I've heard of folks not liking Krell sound but I've heard nothing negative about the reliability of their products. In addition I at one time owned a KPS30i cd player that I bought used, and not only did it operate flawessly, but Krell service Fedexed me a replacement disc stabilizing puck when I dropped and broke mine and wouldn't let me pay for it! My only other comment is this, what's the purpose of this thread? It feels like a troll in search of anonymous Krell-bashing, am I right?
I have to second Jond's post above.

I have not heard of any problems with Krell equipment.

As Jond states, there are lots of folks that don't like
Krell; but when one has been receiving high acclaim and
the products are rather expensive - then that kind of goes
with the territory.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
Hi Jond,

Yesterday I got my second Fpb 400cx (the first was broken), it arrived badly built from its box. My KPS 25sc stop to work 3 days ago (second time!!!).
What's the purpose of your answer? It feels like you work at Krell, am I right?

You can see my email and my threads here and in AA.

No issues from the KRC-3 or KSA-100S that I owned before (preamp and power amp). Krell technical support was also good at getting back to customers promptly and answering technical questions competently. I shall gladly buy Krell equipment again.
Four Krell products over several years and absoultely no issues here. I actually think their build quality is well above the norm. Their customer service has also been excellent, both timely and knowledgeable. While some may not care for the Krell sound, I haven't read many complaints over quality.
I love my Krell 330iL Integrated. I have owned it for about 8 months and worked perfect. About two weeks ago it went south and developed a mind of its own. Krell issued a return authorization and I sent it off to the Krell hospital. They have had it for ten days now and I have not heard back yet. Will let you know the outcome.
I have had four Krell pieces in the last three or four years and have never had a single problem with any of them. I have not experienced so much as a blown fuse. I'm surprised by your experience.
They're built bulletproof, sound great, but way overpriced.
I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences with Krell, it seems to be unusual from what I can tell. As far as I go I've been posting on Audiogon for over 3 years and if you check my postings you'll see I certainly don't work for Krell I just had a positive experience with them. Right now I don't even own a Krell component, my system is SET based. I certainly didn't mean to offend you, but when a non-member posts something critical of a particular company without getting into much specifics it raises some red flags. Anyway I hope that Krell or your dealer takes care of all of your problems as they should. Best of luck to you.
Before I entered the world of tubes I owned a FPB-200c and a KRC 3 and had no issues at all. Everything worked the way it was supposed to, and customer service was great!!
1) Kav 300i- problem (changing) the front panel.
2) Krc 3- no problems (I had it for 2 month)
3) Krc-hr- fixed before I bought it.
4) Kav 250a- problem with the power button on the front panel.
5) Fpb 200c (first)- no problems at all.
6) Fpb 250mc- no problems at all.
7) Fpb 200c (second)- no problems at all.
8) Kps 25sc- 1. problem (changing) power supply, 2. happand 3 days ago, still don’t know what is the problem?
9) Fpb 400cx (first)- replace by Krell.
10) Fpb 400cx (second)- yesterday its turned off & one side is warmer then the other one.
11) Kps 25sc- (belong to the importer- now its in my home) problem with one side & cast cards.

I still like Krell's products.

a coworker of mine has a ton of krell gear & he simply raves about the gear itself & the service dept.

i personally dont own krell gear but i like what i see & hear when i demo it at my local dealer, i cant see krell being shoddy gear at all.

I have an all Krell system made up of two FPB 600c stereo amplifiers, a 28c CD player, KCT preamp, KPE phono preamp and CAST cabling. All have worked flawlessly for two years except the CD player. A couple of days after purchasing the 28c, the player wouldn't power up. I called Krell's sales and service departments and they Fed Exed a brand new one to me the following day. Great customer service!
I have owned a KSA 150 and a Krc II preamp in the past for many years without any problems.
I currently own KRC-HR pre-amp and a 400cx amp both function as well today as they did when new!!!
Built to last.

Good luck
I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the Krell sound (though I certainly hear why people like it) but I do have to say I've not heard of Krell having any sustained reliability issues.

Just to take Telemoli's experience, most likely a component failed--hardly something to blame the manufacturer for. And I've heard only good things about their service, as T's post demonstrates.

I have Krell 300i for 5 years driving ML SL3 and nothing required Krell to fix. I will say their build quality is above norm. As for you problems, your local dealer should take care of the problem themshelves, unless you purchased the Krell through internet. In general, purchase expensive item as Krell via internet or mail order would be fine until problem like this happens. It adds the stress factor by 10 folds which something we need to consider.

Judging from your email address it looks that you're not in the US. Since Krell gears are so heavy, is there any chance that they got damaged during shipping ?

A search in the archive or web should reveal that Krell equipment, in general, doesn't have a reliability problem.
Why would a manufacturer fill up a website with things they no longer carry, or make?

I was at the Ironhorse website today, and they only had the motorcycles they currently sell, as I would expect. No surprise there. It would have been very frustrating to find a bike I wanted to buy only to learn they had discontinued the model.

The cap lock button is on the left side of the keyboard. Just depress it once and it will no longer print in the annoying ALL CAPS mode like that!
Krell KSA-100MK II power amp owner since 1986....and never had a problem !
It is called paying tribute and honoring the wonderfull products of earlier years.Also providing usefull information
to those that need it.Audio Research just issued an upgrade for their SP3 pre-amp.Year of production 1972.
Check to see all Audio Research products ever prodused.Check Madrigal's website they list a lot of their older products e,t,c. As far as the caps aNaRCHY one thing.
Not a concern! In July of this yearI contacted Krell motivated by a unfounded concern that my system[450mcx mono blks-kct-kps28c] was not sounding as good as I thought It used to.I contacted Krell service and talked to Steve.Steve asked a few questions and indicated that in all probability the Krell eqpt.would not be the cause.However; Steve recognized my concern and if I wished to I could bring the equipment in for a check.He was correct,no eqpt.problem and no charge for this service.They were very courteous and professional throughout the process. I live 40 mi away and delivered/pick-up eqpt.personally .This is a top notch Company that stands behind their well built products.
I have a Krell KSA 200s Amplifier and a KPS-25sc front end that have been flawless in every way. Krell is renowned for their build quality. You have set some sort of record with two failures in a row. I am not in the least implying that you did not have these problems, but it is really un-Krell like.
im very suprised by your bad experiences with krell gear, ive only owned two krell products but my experiences with them was fantastic in fact its the best sounding gear ive ever owned & was built like a tank.

if i could find gear that had the styling of mcintosh & the build & sound of krell my adventure in audio would be over.

I've had my 300cx for almost two years and it has performed flawlessly. I would definetly consider a Krell product again.