Krell KRC preamp powersupply

Does anybody know what's the original VA rating of the bigger Avel Lindberg potted Torodial in the Krell KRC's outboard powersupply? That's the one that feeds the amplifiying stages in the KRC. The smaller one is for the switching technologie and the Airpax stepped motor in the mainunit. I have the first version with the Penny + Giles rotary fader inside but the powersupply has been altered.
Thanks in advance
This is what I copied down:

Type: 40/6266/1
Batch: 23/01

I am not sure if it has the value.

FWIW, the preamp is not really worth keeping from my experience. I have had it repeatedly malfunction even after 3 repairs at the Krell factory over a 2 year period. Factor in freight (I am not in the US) and the hefty repair costs, I sold it for very little. It used to just blow up and the power supply would go dead. The same for my old KSA 200S.

Not really a flame on Krell as I have moved on but I hear people say all the time that Krell equipment is very reliable and built like tanks - well not from my experience. Some say it is a known fact that the KSA S and KRC series of amps and pres were made with faulty sourced capacitors that results in repeated problems after a while. I believe there is truth in that because these were discontinued very quickly and replaced by the FPB series. Also, the new Krell service people leave much to be desired. Certainly not as helpful as when Patrick Bresnahan was there.
Thanks Mike,

I substituted all radial caps in the mainunit and powersupply as a precaution.
The ones under the controlboard were brown from the heat and they smelled like fish.
It was a days work but I turned the bias somewhat down so it gets not so insanely hot anymore.
200 USD for parts and approx. 10 hours labor.
I do like it's performance but the Standard phonocard is outclassed by the phono amp in my Krell KRS-2.
I use the KRS-2 in a tapeloop now for the phono-duties