Krell KAV-300cd vs Krell KAV-250cd vs Cary 303-200

Looking to buy either a Krell KAV-300cd or KAV-250cd or a Cary 303-200 or 100 was wonderingg if anyone has compared these or has an opinion on the sound differences between them.
I went through 3 of the 300-CD's before I found one that worked, and it still had a lousy sound. Great bass, but the highs were always too bright. I finally sold it, and couldn't recommend one. At the very least, listen to it in your own system before you buy, if possible.

Even the dealer who originally sold it to me speaks poorly of it now!!..Of course, a few years have passed and he forgot I bought one from him. So much for his integrity.But that's another story.