Krell 300CD - what DAC to add on?

Hi all

I'm toying with the idea of using an outboard DAC (maybe the Chord DAC64) with my Krell KAV 300CD integrated player. Although the 300CD is no slouch on its own, I'd hope for more "air", detail, musicality, "truth of timbre" if I shelled out for a DAC. What would be the minimum "level" of DAC's that I would need to consider to get a reasonable improvement over the Krell's onboard DAC? Cost is an object here. Any thoughts/experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards
instead of adding a dac to my 300cd, i sold it and
i bought the kav-280cd instead..i hate clutter
I'm with Greys2k. If you like Krell, you might just want to trade up to their newer models with 24-bit DACs. I had a Krell KAV-250cd. I decided to upgrade, and got myself the Krell KPS-28c for $3,500 used. Needless to say, it is a significant improvement to the KAV-250cd, and I don't have to search for another cd player (maybe ever again!).