Krell KAV300CD?

Please post your opinions about the KAV300CD player. Good points, bad points. What components have you heard it with? I am looking for a cd player.
I have owned a KAV300CD for about 3 years now. It is paired with the Krell KAV250 amp.& a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp.It was a noticeable improvement over Audio Alchemy but I wouldn't spend my money on a new one today because I think you could get a bigger bang for your buck with some of the cd players that have come on to the market the last couple of years.If you can get a used one for around 2k it might be worth considering.
I demo'ed one for about a week. Used with my Krell FPB 200, Krell HRC preamp. B&W Matrix 800's with Purist Elementa cables. I wasnt impressed with the 300 at all. The detail is excellent. If there is anything on the CD, u will hear it with the 300. I just couldnt listen for more than 30 minutes or so b4 I had to turn it off or just lower the volume to very low levels. I thought it was way to bright/harse to listen 2 for extended periods of time. Thats just my 2cents tho. I ended up buying a Wadia 850. It was more $ but I'm happy with it.
check out my review of the wadia 850 at i included a few thoughts about the kav300. basically, highly analytical and detailed. but a bit cold. the wadia (both the 830 and 850 [and probably now the 831]), on the other hand...