Moving on from a Krell 300CD

Hi all,

Over the years I've upgraded my Krell KAV250 pre and power to KRC-HR & FPB300, as well as the cables. The front end has been the Krell 300CD all this while (six or seven years now), with Ariel 10T's at the end of the chain. Before each upgrade, I always wondered if the 300CD might be a weak link, but I have been presently surprised that through each of the various upgrades, the 300CD always seems up to the task. It's musical, not strident, has a wealth of detail across the frequency spectrum, exemplary PRaT and good soundstaging (or at least as good as I can get in my highly reflective room).

All in all, I'm very happy with it, but I'm curious to hear from anyone who's owned the 300CD and moved on to something better. What took it's place, and what were the improvements?

Current setup (from source onwards)
Krell 300CD
Siltech silver/gold XLR I/C (cant remember the model no)
Krell KRC HR Preamp
Cardas Golden Reference XLR I/C
Siltech Silver speaker cables
Aerial 10T speakers
ESP The Essence power cords throughout

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
I did not have the 300 I was very satisfied with my 250 cd for quite a few years. It was my first high end player after my NAD.

from there i went to Wadia 860X then to my current 861 and could not be happier.

The Wadia exceeds the Krell in every respect and as a bonus I was able to eliminate my KRC 3

I have always been a big fan of Krell but in my system the Wadia just workes better
In my opinion I would buy a Krell SACD standard! They are excellent players on Redbook and SACD. It would go well with your setup! My system is very close to yours and I have used a SACD standard in it and was floored with its performance.