Krell KAV-300cd VS Audio research CD2????

Have been looking at these 2 CDP,s and was wondering if anyone has an an opinion between them? My other equipment is a Krell KAV-300 and Vandersteen 2ce signatures with a 2W sub.
I own the CD2 and love the detailed aand relaxed sound. The Krell is a little more detailed but in my opinion not as musical. It also depends on your system . Do you want to make it smoother or more detailed?
I had the Krell a few years ago and found it relentless. Never happy with it, and the dealer who sold it to me some yaers later made the same comment. Of course, he'd forgotton he'd sold it to me or I'm sure he would have praised it to high Heaven. I also went through 3 before I found one that worked well mechanically.
I've some ARC equipment now, and it is much smoother, but I have no experience with their CD players.