KISEKI PURPLE NS your reviews....

Hello I plane to buy a KISEKI PURPLE NS... maybe...  but I read a lot of different opinions about this cartridge... sound quality, poor construction quality.... So i ask the question to those who really had one, what do you finally think about it ? Did you encounter any trouble ?
Many thanx

Sonics are like any good cart at it's price point,subjectively it may even compete with costlier models?

Any  product can have bad production runs, and if you get one, your impression is- "this thing is a piece of S#%T!!  Meanwhile, another person has the same product and, perfect-no issues.

That said, I went thru 2 Kiseki Blue. 1st one stylus fell off. 2nd, the right channel developed a weird distorted signal. That one happened with the one year warranty conveniently running out. I haven't read any reports of mass QC with the Blue, but after that experience,-nice sounding cart,but..It's a piece of S#%T

Generally speaking, you should be covered in the event you get a wonky piece, just report it immediately to the dealer. The distributor is fair, so you should covered.

Can't recommend the brand, after my experience. 
What are the odds? 2 out of the 3 cartridges had problems out of the box. I am referring to the Purplehart NS. The third sample worked properly but the sonics were mediocre at best. Was the third sample also somewhat defective? I can’t say. It was working fine. Tracked fine. Just sounded tipped up. As far as the problem goes, the dealer my friend got it from took care of the situation. I’m sure it’s a know problem else why would they take it back without any questions.......twice!

if you are lucky you might get a good working sample but if you buy one cartridge and have to mount it 3 times and mail 2 back for exchange I’m really sorry. It’s jist a waste of time. YMMV
I have this cart. It’s glorious. It’s worth every penny. No issues or problems whatsoever. 

I have it as well. Never had any problems with it and I love the sound.
Nobody knows who made the original Kiseki's. The mysterious
Mr. Fokadu is invented by Van den Dungen who wanted revenge
against the old Sugano san. Van den Dungen was then Koetsu
importer and was confronted with curious business practice
of Sugano. He wanted payment in advance but deed no feel
obliged to deliver ''the goods''. As one reviewer mentioned without 
knowing the reasons: (the blue)'' Kiseki is Koetsus killer''.
This was exactly the intention of Van den Dungen. By such lack
of information ''one'' is allowed to speculate. My is that Kondo-san
made those Kiseki's. He was good friend of Van den Dungen both
sharing the same obsession for tube amps. What is more
Kondo san made 3 SUT's for Van den Dungen. The ''silver kind''
is my secret info; the same as Kondo's for an fraction of the
price. Even the imaginary Mr. Fokadu is no more so the new
Kiseki's are made by someone else but with Benz parts. 
This may explain like by Van den Hul carts that so many are
offered as second hand. I owned all Kiseki kinds except Lapis
Lazuli. This include the rare ''black heart''. The ''poor man'' 
Lazuli. The same generator but without diamond cantilever
and expensive  jewel stone. BTW the latest made Kiseki.