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Musical Fidelity A308 Int: is it worth a service call?
Hard to know exactly what is wrong. But I had one of these back in the day. I really liked it. Excellent sound quality and plenty of power. If it were me, I would see about getting it serviced. Try contacting Audio Plus Services, the new MuFi dist... 
Carver Amazing Line Source Speakers
Ozzy, thanks for the tip! 
Carver Amazing Line Source Speakers
These really did sound great at AXPONA. I enjoyed the listening session there. My only concern would be long term service. I have a pair of the old Carver Amazing Loudspeakers (which I really love) in my second system, and there is no factory/Carv... 
Best of the best Integrated amps in 2018
I would also include the Musical Fidelity NuVista 800. Doesn’t get much attention here, but it is outstanding. 
What's best CD player one piece price no object
The latest Musical fidelity NuVista CD. It’s fantastic, IMHO. 
New or Old CD Player?
I love my Musical Fidelty NuVista CD ( the new one).  If you can find one used, it might fit within your budget. It’s a beautiful sounding player, built like a tank, and I like the looks of it too.  
2 Channel audio room chair ideas
Stressless Wave low back chairs. I love mine. Extremely comfy and low back so don’t interfere with acoustics. Adjustable recline mechanism.  
Best redbook-only CD Player under $10k - Bryston BCD3, Resolution Audio Cantata 3.0, ....
Musical Fidelity NuVista CD player. Just in budget, great Sonics, awesome build quality. 
Herron VTPH 2--what cables are you using?
Mkiser, the Zephyr is a great cartridge. The Paua adds a lower noise floor, and more resolution and refinement. I love them both, but the Paua is better. Hope this helps. And Keith upgraded my VTPH2 as well; I think most of the work was on the pow... 
Terrastone platform and footers from Dan Sherbrook at Edensound. Great products at fair prices. Very effective. And, he’s a really good guy. I have no business connection; just a very happy customer. 
What music or equipment gifts did you get for Christmas this year?
 My awesome girlfriend got me a Norah Jones LP and… Two tickets to the AXPONA show!  I have never been to a hi-fi show before so this is quite exciting.  
Transfiguration cartridges. What tube phono stages would you use them with ?
Proteus with Herron VTPH2A. Love it!!! 
Herron Audio VTPH-2A Question
I have the Herron VTPH-2A. Have not listened to the Manley. But the Herron is fantastic, as is the service provided by Keith. I doubt I will ever change phono stages. Very truthful presentation--sounds like music! 
Tube Phono with Tube Integrated Amp?
I have a Herron VTPH2A paired with my Musical Fidelity NuVista 800 hybrid integrated, and the sound is sublime.  
Isolation footers for amps
I recommend Terracone or Terrastone footers (and platforms) from EdenSound. Dan Sherbrook is great and will fix you up. Very effective product at a reasonable price. I have no affiliation, but I have bought a LOT of his stuff and am very happy wit...