KISEKI PURPLE NS your reviews....

Hello I plane to buy a KISEKI PURPLE NS... maybe...  but I read a lot of different opinions about this cartridge... sound quality, poor construction quality.... So i ask the question to those who really had one, what do you finally think about it ? Did you encounter any trouble ?
Many thanx

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Installed for a friend quite a few years ago. First 2 samples were somewhat defective. The third sample was acceptable. That says a lot about the consistency of the build. Didn’t quite warm up to the sound and he finally sold it. The originals were better than the NS. I own a few of the originals.
What are the odds? 2 out of the 3 cartridges had problems out of the box. I am referring to the Purplehart NS. The third sample worked properly but the sonics were mediocre at best. Was the third sample also somewhat defective? I can’t say. It was working fine. Tracked fine. Just sounded tipped up. As far as the problem goes, the dealer my friend got it from took care of the situation. I’m sure it’s a know problem else why would they take it back without any questions.......twice!

if you are lucky you might get a good working sample but if you buy one cartridge and have to mount it 3 times and mail 2 back for exchange I’m really sorry. It’s jist a waste of time. YMMV