Kind of vinyl........

I received this album from my wife (hope she doesn't get annoyed) for Christmas. I was told it is very rare as only a few were pressed on blue vinyl. It is still sealed.
The cost to my wife was $300.
My question is, do you think I will have difficulty selling it at a reasonable profit or loss?

Rick (RWD)
put it on Ebay with I high reserve and find out.....
It was a limited reissue by Classic. $300 is steep. ebay is probably your best opportunity. I would not expect a profit.
is it the 200 or 180 gram.
If it was a gift from your wife, surely you should keep it.
I agree with Rwwear, you can't put a price on selling a gift,, especially from your wife....and I should know, after just commenting once on a holiday gift, I now have a closet full of stuff I'll never use or wear...but SHE'S happy, and that allows me an enjoyable hobby. Good luck
You have a nice TT set up.

Keep it and call your wife in for a listen while you play her gift to you. She will get off on it and then who knows what will happen after that. Much better than selling it for less than what she paid for it.
Keep the vinyl, sell the wife?

I'm single and even I know you shouldn't sell that album!

Glory is right! bust it open and play it with her and a nice bottle of wine and cheese!
My experience with colored vinyl is it has alot of surface noise. Collectors know this,I doubt you will get a profit on it,at least not from a collector.
Who knows? Maybe she'll hate it and not care if you sell it.
count me among those who would keep that LP. But if you must sell, try a ebay listing with a "buy it now" set at a profit you can live with (e.g., $350), and also select the "make offer" option. See what happens. You never know who will grab it up. Maybe some audiophile's wife will see it as a last minute gift option.
It doesn't matter what your wife paid for it - you are selling it.
If you sell it and your wife finds out, you might find yourself sleeping on the couch with a whole different meaning on "Kind of Blue".
Ahhhh, great comments by all. I must say I am a bit embarrassed by your candor and honesty. I suspect all in favor of me keeping the record because it was a "gift"-your right. I think I'll plan a special night and "break the seal"!

Rick (RWD)