Kimber Select

Does anybody know if it MIGHT be correct that the copper/silver IC (such as the 1020/1021 or the 1121) might be better than the pure silver cable (1130)?
I have owned both and would have to agree with you.
Neither of them are as good as the Nordost Quattro-Fil though
I don't have the experience Acuujim has with the Select series, but I will note that in my system the Kimber Silver Streak (copper/silver) clearly was not as good as their similar but all-silver KCAG. While the bass was virtually the same, the KCAG had a far better upper midrange and treble, with more delicacy and air than the Streak, which sounded brighter and more course, for lack of a better word. Not earth-shaking differences, to be sure, but I preferred the KCAG in a full-range application.
That's "coarse" (of course)! Shows what I wish I was out doing today, huh?
Hi Adia, in my system the 1030 IC was much better than the Quattro fil. It had a wider, deeper soundstage with a treble that was the finest I have heard. Have not heard the copper/silver but the 1030 was clearly better than the KCAG. I believe what Acuujim says is true in his system. Ya gotta try before ya buy. Good luck
I bought some of my Kimber Select KS1130s from Accujim to replace my Nordost Quattro Fils! Maybe we should have just traded. This is a lesson in preferences and system synergy. I much PREFER the KS1130 to the QF in MY SYSTEM.
Ok, I'm confused now. Which one is better again? This is turnin out to be like the old who's-on-first deal.
J thunders, what ever one you like the better is the best. hope this clears up your confusion.
I know, I'm just foolin. Metaphysics made the point well. It's just that at one point I had to get out a piece of paper with little check boxes next to everyone's name to try and figure out who had what, and who liked what. I'm not too familiar with the cable models, so it's like one of those logic exams or something trying to sort it all out.
Just recently auditioned 9 cables from 6 different manufacturers including 2 Kimber Selects. I fully support those who maintain that cables are system dependent! In my audition, I home tried another KS 1120 (system already has one in it) which yielded a text book definition of the term mid range purity, but rather disappointing bass and impact. Desperate, the dealer said try a KS 1130, whow, bass and impact back, but after very long listening sessions somewhat fatiquing (in my system-have heard it in other systems sound absolutely wonderful).

My recommendation: Home trials!!! You may even want to audition the new all copper balanced KS 1111. Kimber maintains that it is constructed differently from the older all copper KS 1120 (confusingly numbering progression) and has improved bass and impact.
nine cables ?? how long was this audition ?? and what were the other cables ?? :) nine cables and you still have your sanity. wow !!!