Keep or sell Yamaha PX-2 turntable?

Here's my dilemma. I recently purchased an Acoustic Signature Challenger Mk3, mounted my VPI JMW 9T tonearm and Dynavector 20x2l MC cartridge. This combination so far is sonically the best setup I've heard in my home. My dad recently gave me all his old vintage gear and it includes a Yamaha PX-2 linear tracking turntable. I don't really need it since I have the Challenger Mk3. I really doubt the Yamaha could ever sound as good as the Challenger Mk3. Does anyone care to share any thoughts or want to convince me otherwise? Is there a good reason to keep the PX-2 or should I just sell it?

Hook up the PX2 - you will be surprised how good theese older DD tables sound.

Good listening

Sell, sell, and do so quickly. Its value is declining each day. Technology moves ahead, leave your buggy whip behind.
Agree with Peter - Try the PX2 with your Dynavector & give it a spin.

Why write off the Yamaha so soon before you even get a chance to hear it? Is it because it is not "audiophile" enough? You might be surprised.

Sell it to me :)

Do you engage in vinyl playback ?

Good Listening

Don't assume. PX-2 was /is a fine TT .
keep it as a back up, or as a second table. why not?
Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I don't have a place to keep it set up permanently with my system, but I'll hook it up and demo it before I decide.

Why not just listen, compare and decide on your own as you see fit?
The Yamaha is a POS

I will take it off your hands for $50. 😁
Sell it and buy a modern table. Consider Pro-Ject, VPI, Clearaudio. of Rega
Anyone know a service center or tech for these? One of the ics may be shot - the automatic functions do not work. Rumors are this control IC is unobtainable.  Otherwise used manually the TT is very good indeed with an Ortofon Kontrpunkt B cartridge - no clogging.

The spell checker@#%$ - I meant cogging.