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Moneoone Nova Cables
OP:"It Pains Me To Send Them Back!" ???????Some pair of balls from someone who never intended to buy them in the first place. And all this from someone who can only compare something he cannot afford against a "stock" power cord?I think most of th... 
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
I Thank The Moon - Johnny Maestro 
Never Use HiFi-Exquis - Worst Merchant Ever!
AE is always  on "your" side = RELAX! 
30w class A amp for Joseph Audio perspective 2?
yuhengdu_tiger I went from the Ren. 30/30 while I had SF Amati's (just a tad short on horse power to drive them) to the Ren. Sig. 140's & upgraded the speakers to the SF Stradavari's.In both cases - I start @ zero feedback & play from t... 
30w class A amp for Joseph Audio perspective 2?
VAC also made a 30/30 Renaissance but I think the  Renaissance 70/70 will do a better  job now & in the future. 
I need a good looking and good sounding speaker ....
Daedalus available here & less than your maxhttps://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa0fb2-daedalus-audio-athena-v2-speaker  
i'm looking for something that may not exist
Are you Kenjit? 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
ESS AMT monitors were my choice back in the day - paired with an all Phase Linear setup (Bob Carver)  3 amps, pre, time delay, cassette deck, tuner & linear turntable - Boy did my neighbors live me! Kept it all for about 15 years.  
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
"The Living Years" (Mike & The Mechanics). Has always struck a chord with me & when I get there I'll sing it to my father in person. 
Best Songs To Sing In The Car To Embarrass Your Kids
Charlie Brown - The Coasters 
Singers do not sing the language they speak
Nat King Cole!I can remember as a young lad seeing his albums in a record store on 14th St. (NYC) in at least 15 different languages - I guess he really was the KING! 
$20K to spend on speakers…. . wait! There’s a catch!
I've done it twice!First time I upgraded from SF Amati's in violin red  to SF Strad's in graphite as I knew that I could not go wrong with SF @ a great price from a critic.The second time was with a little known company (Voce audio) & man was ... 
Turntable getting back to vinyl
This should fit very nice for around $300 + cart.https://www.audiogon.com/listings/turntables-well-tempered-labs-versalex-and-ltd-tonearm-2017-11-06-... 
Wilsons are the best speakers in the world
Hmm..I don't think so!I agree - They might be very good to great depending on your budget, but I have heard quite a few better @ almost every price point.I do agree that they (Wilson) are the Rolex along with McIntosh of audio:High profile &... 
Have you ever met another audiogon member in person?
I have met many agoner's in the past 15 years.Being in NY has certain advantages.The last was a drop off (amps) on W 57th St. 2 weeks ago.The first was a pick up (amp) on W 59th St. about 15 years ago & there have been many, many in between in...