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What condition will you not play on your main system? LP content
I would try using a less expensive cartridge to test - I'm sure you have one.If you really like the album - try it! If is skips or jumps or just sounds bad - STOP IT & try the next LP.When all is tried & true - Go back to your favorite c... 
The dumbest stereo experience ever!
A doctor! Now I understand. 
Atmos: Non Ceiling Speakers
I just got a Onkyo TX-NR838 receiver last month for $500 A $TEAL!It has just about every new feature anyone could possibly ask for (HDMI 2.0, Dolby Atmos THX etc.).At present I have it set up as a 5.1 system & it sounds fantastic driving my al... 
Half speed records, are they any better ?
I have well over 100 HSM's & have been collecting them since the '70's.1) They are made from virgin vinyl = Much less surface noise & less pops & clicks.. 2) They are cut at half speed = 16 2/3 RPM = A tad deeper groove.3) Yes - They... 
Do you like Mexican music??
If you like Mexican vocals - Try Alejandro Fernandez "Origenes" one of my all time favorites.Mostly love songs, one duet with Gloria Estefan - great guitar playing & a truly great voice! 
Losing out
You stated that you would notify the seller by the EOD if you were going to purchase it, but you did not state if the seller would commit to hold it for you or give you the right of first refusal.You Snooze - You lose. 
The great Soupy Sales died
BanderThe black cat with the violin was "Midnight" he was part of Andy's gang with Andy Devine.RIP Soupy & thanks for all the laughs & memories of my childhood. 
Audiophile pets and their names...
My best friend "Kid" a 3 year old 99 lb.German Shepard loves to sit with me in the sweet spot. 
Anyone know if Tom Evans Audio is still in business?
Did you track the original shipment that you  sent?You'll want to make sure that it got there in the first place!If it was never received - It cannot be returned.I would suggest a phone call - Remember there is a +5 hour difference in time.His web... 
Anyone know if Tom Evans Audio is still in business?
3 years ago?Did you ever think to track the shipment to make sure it arrived?You are a very patient man to wait 3+ years with zero communication.Did you include your contact information in the shipment? 
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
Mac & Rolex have 3 things in common:1) High profile.2) Very good re-sale value - Due to being overpriced to start with.3) Neither are within the top ten of watchmaking or audio.As one of the most respected internet watch dealers for the past 2... 
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
IMHO - Mac is like Rolex - High profile, but not in the top ten of watchmaking or audio! 
Who are the most underground high-end companies
Electronics: Electrocampionet - I have owned the Nemo's & they were great!Speakers: Voce Audio - One of the very best buys in all of audio - I have owned the V1's (ugly but awesome) & now own the V2;s - Much better looking & sound fant... 
Treating Floor in New Construction - Reducing Footfall and Vibration
Carpet? Carpet pad? Your're thinking wall to wall carpet right?I did cork flooring in my basement listening room @ $3.29 PSF from Lumber Liquidators + installation (you can do it yourself in about a day).I laid a black moisture barrier over the ce... 
Raul,       I met Ted about 25 years ago & over time I considered him like an older brother.He is one of those (one of a kind) people that everyone seeks to like & respect.Together we have entertained many of my most affluent clients, have...