JMW cueing problem

Is there a way to adjust the height of the cueing bar on a JMW 9 (factory installed on a Scout)? When mine is in the "up" position the stylus does not clear warped or thick pressings. I had this problem on a Dual some years (gosh, decades) ago and it was a simple adjustment but I don't see if/how you can do it on the VPI.
There is a set screw right next to the cueing lever on the L-shaped mount that houses the cueing assembly . Loosen it and make sure that the cueing cylinder is as far up as it will go, paying attention not to change the rotation of the cylinder while raising it and tightening the set screw.

I had the same problem with my JMW12. This adjustment did not help much in my situation, since the problem was that the little black pad on the underside of the tonearm that contacts the cueing platform had torn and was missing. I replaced it with a (very) small foam pad that I found at a craft store with adhesive on one side. It is a little thicker than the original VPI pad so it works better than than ever.
Two good solutions. Thanks.