Jimi Hendrix on PBS "American Masters"

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. PBS will be broadcasting their latest installment of the consistently compelling "American Masters" series this Tuesday Nov. 5th at 9:00pm EDT. Check your local listings to be sure.

~ Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train a Comin' ~

Set your DVR and don't miss it!

Thanks for the heads up.
That was really good, thanks.
Wish I'd seen this yesterday--will hope for re-broadcast.
It's on right now. 11 o'clock am pst.
HiFiJones - thanks for the heads up. I watched and enjoyed it. Some great "take aways" about Jimi…how extremely dedicated he was to his craft, his strong work ethic in the studio and his drive to continuously improve.

An especially interesting moment was when Eddie Kramer showed how they layered 3 rhythm guitar parts on top of one another to create that great sound in Little Wing (or maybe it was Wind Cried Mary).

The one thing missing to me in a lot of Hendrix commentary is everyone seems to focus on his guitar virtuosity but don't spend a lot of time talking about his strong song writing….lyrics and melodies. He created some really haunting and beautiful stuff.

Thanks again.
OP, thanks for the heads up. Watched it, it was excellent.

Ghosthouse, agreed, that was most interesting from Kramer.
Great documentary! Didn't shine new light on anything the movie 'Jimi Hendrix' didn't cover EXCEPT for those Eddie Kramer insights to the studio. I could easily watch him breaking down every cut from every album and be a VERY happy camper. Also had some good stuff from his 'pre' experience days.
you can watch it any time you wish if you go to the "american masters" web site.
i had a few intermittent problems when streaming it but it worked with a little tweaking of the resolution levels.
the film shows the raw power and energy of his public appearances on stage.
they could have given a little more credit to his band who in my opinion were also amazing musicians- i loved the drummer.
I have heard 101 jazz guitarists who are incredible as well, and can play any chord and progression of notes with seemingly minimal effort. But Hendrix otoh would blow peoples' minds and came on the scene like a musical hurricane.
French fries,

well said all-around. Mitch Mitchell (drummer) was at the very top of his peer group. He gets far too little attention when people are naming the best drummers in rock history. I thought Noel Redding, on bass, was okay but not great shakes. He was a converted guitarist so allowances should be made.