Jeff Rowland Amp Owners Please Help

I am thinking of auditioning the new JR 201 monos along with the model 10 stereo amp. Has anyone heard these or either amp? What do you think about their sonic characteristics? I will be driving Talon Ravne C spekaers and looking at the pictures from CES there are the Ravens being driven by the JR 201s.

Any help is appreciated.
Read this thread *fully* 'cuz there is some discussion of the Model 201 in there:-
Rowland is also introducing a Model 501, with twice the power of the 201 in abou the same box size. In additiona, they are introducing a new intergrated, the Concerto, with 201 amplification.

In the Rowland Room at CES, I tried to get a feel for the sound of these amps. Best I could discern was great speed and nimbleness. Beyond, that, I can't say. Missed the Talon room, sorry to say.
Why only balanced inputs? What do I do with my RCA only preamp?
Rowland has adapters available.
Does using the RCA adapters degrade the sound?
I agree with Drubin. They were very, very fast at CES. However, i didn't have a chance to put in a cut from my cd wallet.

I thought the sound on the Novas was pretty good from the 5 minutes i heard.

btw, Bigkidz, the Talon Firebirds sounded great on the new Wavac monos...

You can email me offline if you choose as i spent alot of time in the talon rooms...
Sorry, I haven't been following this thread; Bigkidz if you’re still out there, by all means audition these amps. I made the transition from Rowland Model 6's to the 201's, and while the 6's are great amps, I like the 201's that much better. They're more dynamic, resolving, transparent, and to my ears more true to the music. Of course, these things are always so subjective, but in my opinion, you owe it to yourself to give these amps a listen. Feel free to e-mail if you have more specific questions.

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