Jadis JD2 -experiences please

i can buy one used Jadis JD2 CD player, not just drive.The unit is from 1995.How good is it, in which sound category comes nowadays-comparisons please.If it is not up to date like integrated CDP how about transport only?Fair value nowadays?
Hi-- I've owned all the Jadis Drives--the JD2 is a fine unit--while I did not utilize the inbuilt Dac--I used it mainly as a drive-- it's Dac is very smooth and pleasing. It doesn't have the extension nor inner detail retrieval of the big siblings, but for a combo it is up there with the best.
At the right price I'd definitely go for it--built like a tank --and as heavy as one!
If you are in the US--customer service I've heard is a bit sus--.

Good Luck

Team ,
like a combo,is it in the leage of Rega Jupiter, Audio Aero Prima, Creek CD53,Arcam FMJ CD23T, Shanling CDT100, Opera Audio Reference 2,2 , Resolution Audio CD50,55...or is it maby better?
Like a transport, is it much worse than bigger Jadis?How about CECs TL1X?
What is yours CDP now?