Jadis JA30 Mk2, how great???

The new Jadis JA30 Mk2 is now on my radar. Does anyone here have any experience with this amp...thoughts?

Would seem to be in the sweet spot of the Jadis line.
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No doubt each individual designer or manufacturer has their own ideas and philosophy regarding the best approach to produce good sound quality. I certainty haven't heard every ARC or Jadis amplifier but based on my limited sampling I'm more draw to Jadis. Obviously this reflects nothing but individual taste.  Thankfully High End audio has something available for a multitude of different tastes,
Congrats on your jadis JA30 monos. If I did not have this Deft7, for sure the JA30's would be my 1st and only choice. I noted most images on google show the 150 tube,,,if that is what you have please consider biasing for the superior Svetlana 6550. Also agree with others suggesting  Tele's in the AU/AX pre socket. 
I have all Tele's in the pre. I noted a slightly superior nuance over all other NOS tubes.
The 88 is nearly identical to the 6550, but for me Svetlana has a  superior stability/construct vs other russian power tubes...Good thing with the JA30's you can very easily roll as it only takes a  pair each mono,, the Defy has a wopping 12 tubes.
Also note later on you may consider upgardes on the caps. Ck out my defy7 upgrades...
Also in the middle of having Richard Gray swap out all the stock Jadis Metal oxide resistors in the DLP to <<Takman Rey Metal>> and the results so far are stunning. 
Superior resolution.. Ricahrd's last suggestion in my tweaks is to swap out the 1st AX tube in the DPL fora   12AU7, gone was the slight murky mid/boominess.
We have ,,ohh another 15+ resistors to swap out. 
Not sure which res the new JA 30 use, but if they are the old stock Metal, I'd suggest trying some Takman Rey in the power supply circuit. Then go from there,,But most certainly the cap upgarde was a  nice neauance gain. Went with Mundorf Supreme EVO SGO, = nota  cheap upgrade @ $45 each x12 ,,but end result was worth it vs the lower cost EVO SGO. 
Here are some vids of my new upgrades. 
I will posta  vid after all res are swaped out...maybe 3 weeks, Richard is taking it section by section, a  pair here, there,,, this way I can note exactly how each res swap changed the sonics. So far = SUCCESS!
Mods can be seen at minute 6 and music starts about 11 minutes into vid.
This vid is with a  LS9 preamp <<Jadis clone with M caps> now sold.
Also I now havea  new Shanling 3000 cd player and beats out the Cayin CD17 in this vid + I have new xovers which are NOT in this vid.
I am nearing the end of all my upgrades,,,= another 4 weeks will be fully completed. Just waiting on Richard to finish installling the Takman's in the DPL and maybe we might go with Takman in the Defy,,I have takman Rey in the Defy's power suplly circuit,, the Takman Rex Carbon were too <,smooth>> = warm,,I prefer ide cold highly defined/separation. = more lifelike sound stage.
anyway here's 2 older vids.


and the DPL with  Mundorv EVO SGO and some Takman,,and the AX in the 1st socket which is now a 12AU7 and sounds superior. 
btw the tube buffer cd out which has critics griping about,, I found to be superior vs the AUX out. 
music starts around 6:17,, this has the 12AX7 in the 1st socket which did not affect the Cayin's perf,,,but did make my new Shanling cd player sound,,,too <<wooly/bomy>> witha  12AU7 in that socket, made the Shanling clean more soundstage = which is why the Cayin will be up for sale in 1 week. I do not need 2 world class cd players,, Both are built like tanks = the Shanling will last forever with no repairs.
Jadis sings music like The Angels. and built to last forever with no worry about making  repairs. 

I have just swift the original driver tube to a pair of Mullard NOS. I can't believe the improvement that it has brought!!
I will change the AX7 to Telefunken as well today to see how they make another miracle :-) 
Richard Gray just insalled 4 430k Takman Rey resistors in the DPL, wow factor high, can now put more gain on vol, w/o risking any breakup, 
Not sure what res Jadis has in later models, all i can say is this pre 2000 DPL has metal oxide and the Takman Rey's easily out perform their stock resistors.
IMHO  all Jadis fans might want to consider swapping out a  few res in their pre/amps.
I have 12 plate Rey's in the Defy, after Richard installs another 10+ res in the DPL, I will ask if he will take on the Defy upgrade,,,not sure if he is willing, as Richard prefers working clean solders,,,= the board has to come off = alotttt of labor/time,, The other tech just snipped and soldered w/o taking board off, works just fine,,,I doubt if Richard will go alongw ith that style of <<shoddy work>>
See me vid on the snip/solder work on all the caps.
Sure can't resell like that, but i have no plans to sell the Defy anyway.
The result of swapping out the latest res  a quad of 430k, really opened up the DPL resulting is  nice gains in high fidelity. The Seas Thors never sounded so clean/natural. 
IMHO Takman Rey is the most musical res in current production,,, the Rex Carbon's were too smooth for my taste in the Defy's power supply. 
Possibly Rex are prefered for ss amplification,,sort of adds a  <<tube-like>> effect of smoothness.
For tube amplification, its Rey's all the way.
Just ordered  the other Rey's we will install. Richard likes to make 1 swap at a time, to see how  the circuit responds,,with each swap,, the sonics  made nice gains, this last swap was the biggest and best. 
have no idea where this is/can/will go. 
Its already <<high fidelity>> I mean once you are on Mt Everest peak,, where else is there to go?
I might hold off adding the Seas Bifrost project off. I mean its hard to pass up the Cresendo's incredible velvety power and lushness, but with the Millennium's responding as they are to the new Takmans''' do I really want to spend   $2200 on the Bifrost project??
Next year we will see.....
Jadis, power/authority with finesse <<but with a  lil help from our friends>> 


@samhvcc  The new Jadis JA30Mk2 amps really do respond well to tube rolling in the driver stages. I rolled in NOS Telefunken smooth plate 12Au7's and NOS Siemens 12AX7's, a great match up for this amp.
I have now gone through a number of different tubes in the driver section, from RCA clear tops to NOS Telefunken ribbed plates to NOS Mullards, all are interesting..and depending on taste, one could be preferred over the other, but right now the mix i have is where I am going to stay for awhile.