I noticed their web site never got going, now it is gone. Anyone know if they are still in business?
Just recently got some of their stuff through the Cable Company. ( ordered it about 6 weeks ago, got it last week, XLO could not deliver faster ) That's all I can say to the topic. Would be a pity if they were defunct.
I dealt with them about two months ago, and they were alive and well. Hope they is not having problems, they did a nice job on a custom cable for my REL sub.
Sorry about the typo, must be geting tired. OK... who is going to be the first to try calling XLO at 909-466-0382?
How about you Audio4fun?
Let's ask Audiogon for a spell checker, I sure need one today!
I just bought several cables from my XLO dealer, It did a long time, I guess XLO had a Fire(just over a year or 2 ago) and lost everything. Now there starting over with a new line of cables, new marketing, and is still developing a new web site.
About 6 months ago I purchased a full HT array from XLO. The short story goes that my B&W N802s have an odd connection that the Cable Company got wrong, so my cables from XLO were wrong, as well.

I ended-up getting GREAT Service from XLO's inside Sales people, received a call from their President (Gees, that was nice), and was GIVEN special connections that XLO had under development.

With all of this, I was trading out the top-of-the-line Monster Cable for the XLO, my listening level went from
-30db to -40db, just due to the XLO clarity.

I asked the president, in general, were his products being valued within the marketplace. He indicated that things were going very well (I believe him, the way he said it).

Long Live XLO!
I talked to Roger last week and am about to purchase a bunch of cables within a few days. This is the first time I have been able to really use XLO Signature because I finally has a truely neutral system without any sonic warts. I am looking forward to hearing them soon.