is the new rolling stones goats head soup deluxe reissue worth it?

Sam here and after running my own test on the new rolling stones goats head soup reissue as far as the original album goes the new reissue and the 2009 remaster have the same dynamic range to the point of saying they are one and the same.Have a look All they did was apply some reverb to the 2009 remaster. For the record company to release something this unlistenable proves my point that they are purposely distroying music.

2009 remaster

2020 remaster

2009 remaster 33 hertz encoded dynamic range
@pops ,

nope, more like Pink Floyd. 
@stereo5 just pulling your leg - I like Floyd also. But always a Stones fan....

Speaking of Pink Floyd - have you heard any of David Gilmore's early solo records - they are excellent.
i always thought goat was an underrated record--dancing with mr d and heartbreaker are mere product, but mick does a good job with all those ballads + star star is as wild as anything they've done. the demos and bonus tracks on this reissue are nothing special, but there's a really, really solid live set.
This guy is so far off it's a joke.

There was a couple 2009 remasters, which one does he mean? Wait, he doesn't know. 

He really thinks that record companies bring in and pay mastering engineers to "apply some reverb" and call it done. Unbelievable.

The claim they are the same based on DR is horse crap. That's only one way of analyzing a recording. What about the mix itself, or EQ changes. Oh wait, he didn't think of that.