iPod/ITouch direct digital connection to a DAC

Any suggestion for an iPod dock that will take direct digital to a DAC?  I have not found any that are currently available on the market.  I tried a Pro-Ject Dock Box S Digital but for some reason the unit kept rebooting my iPod every hour or so; I sent it back.  Pure i20 and Wadia 171i no longer available either.  I am now using the iPod dock for my iTouch6 but would really like to bypass the internal DAC in the iTouch and use my McIntosh D150 for converting.  Thank you in advance for all replies.
I use the NuForce iDo. They are no longer available new, but you might find a used one, or NOS, on eBay or Amazon. I use mine to provide bit-perfect digital output from various iPods, iPhones, etc., to my DAC. It is also a very good headphone amp if you need that.

I've used mine with Apple gen 4, 5 and 6 with no issues.
Get a lightning to usb cable and a power supply and your in business. Thats what I use and it works great.

I use the Apple camera connection kit to output digital from an ipad/iphone to my Schiit Modi Multibit in my car. The output of the dac goes into the auxiliary input in my car. I use the Onkyo HF Player iOS app to play high res files. The Onkyo HF player also has an awesome equalizer that is desperately needed in a car system. I also use the W4S Recovery before the DAC.

The Apple camera connection kit which is the same as the lightning to usb is what you want.

Got the camera kit and still not able to pass signal to my DAC.
Is there an internal software setting I need to look for to get this to work with the camera cable and my DAC?
Get a Pure i20 on ebay?
Are you using iTunes?  If yes, make sure that the output is set to the D150.

If that doesn't work, try turning off the D150 completely, unplug the power cable.  Turn off your iPod all the way.  Turn both back on.

If that doesn't work, check the D150's user manual.  You shouldn't need a driver for an iPod.

Make sure the firmware is up to date on both.

Isn’t the so called camera adaptor cable the same cable used in charging port? If so, are you saying it can deliver digital audio signal into an external DAC?

Another question: Assuming this connection (to external DAC) somehow works, does it  allow streaming music or it only supports playing music files such as iTunes, etc.?

The camera adapter works for streaming and music from iTunes, etc.

The only time I've encountered it not working, is if the external DAC needs to be powered by the USB from a computer.  Most phones, tablets, ect. don't offer enough power.

"Are you using iTunes? If yes, make sure that the output is set to the D150."

Yes, using iTunes.  Not sure what I meant by this statement - output set to D150.