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Replacing a Cambridge Audio CXN V2
How about a matching Hifi Rose streamer/dac? https://www.musicdirect.com/equipment/network-player/hifi-rose-rs250a-network-streamer-silver-b-stock/  
Prima Luna Vs Accupahse
Accuphase all the way.  As an owner I can tell you that it'll pair nicely with just about any speaker you throw at it.  Gorgeous build quality to go along with superb sound. My close buddy owns the SA20 in his secondary system and a Primaluna Dia... 
Small form factor, SS phono preamp recommendation.
Another vote for the AD-50 card from Accuphase. Have one in my E-470 integrated. Prefer the AD-50 over some standalone units I’ve auditioned: Gold note PH-10, PS Audio Stellar Phono, Wyred4Sound PH-1, and Parasound JC3+ Accuphase + Accuphase syn... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
David Berman (Silver Jews / Purple Mountains)    
Classical piano solo—Your one favorite performance and recording
Aphex Twin: "Avril 14th" (2001, Warp Records)  
Turntable advice
Technics 1200GR.  Build quality is superb, and adjustments can’t get any easier.  $1700  
Best Smaller Bookshelf Speakers For Use Exclusively With Ambient Music?
Original KEF LS50s.  Beautiful detail and midrange.  Can be found used for under $1k.  Hard to beat!  
Need some suggestions for a desktop amp.
@jb505    Congratulations on both purchases.  Keep us updated once you've had time with the Sprout & Quads.   Bob  
Need some suggestions for a desktop amp.
I’m using a PS Audio Sprout100 powering some Tannoy Autograph Minis for my office system. Plenty of power for nearfield listening, and the built-in DAC’s sound is quite good for it’s price point. Very small form factor, and pretty cool looking in... 
Selling gear with TMR
Every experience I've encountered with TMR has been fantastic.  Buying, selling, consignment, or even declining an offer.  Always quick and professional communication.  I've used them 50+ times over the past few years. For someone like me, short ... 
Recommended integrated amplifier for upgrade
My sound preference is towards slight warm, wider stage with music genres of jazz, classical, new age music, and few jazz vocals. As an Accuphase fanboy of course I have a preference, and the Accuphase house sound fits your sound preference.  I... 
Which Integrated with Magico A3
I drive my Magico A1s with an Accuphase E470 & it’s complete bliss. The E470 is class A/B though, so it doesn’t break a sweat handling the A1s with 200+ watts into 4ohms. The newer version of my integrated is the E480 or Accuphase also has t... 
HiFi Rose RS250
I've had the RS150B for a few months now, and absolutely love it.  I'm using it's internal DAC feeding my Accuphase integrated.  Roon via ethernet.  I also have my Leak transport feeding the RS150B.  Not the best DAC I've owned, but sound quality... 
  The music video, although quite dated, is equally good/haunting.  Enjoy, I think..