Interconnects for BAT

Hi, can anyone give me some tips to connect pre-amp BAT VK-32SE and power-amp BAT VK75SE? I am looking for a brighter, more airy sound. Other components are Linn SC and WLM Gran Viola. Thanks! Lubos
The weak link is the 2' pair of Belden cables between XLR and PCB inside the VK75SE chassis. Consider replacing this $.40/foot wire with a soldered-in audiophile IC.
It isn't always easy to find cables with an airy and extended top end that don't lack bass. In my experience MIT cables work great, Nordost also falls into this category (although I don't care for models Red Dawn and below - they have grainy treble), Chord cables, and Supra cables. Find some models that fit your budget and try them. Certain van den Hul like Orchids have an airy, extended treble too. Some say in general that all-silver cables do too but I find this tends to vary.

Call The Cable Company, 1-800-328-9973 ( 1-800-fat-wyre ), and ask for John Pharo. They have a used set of Acapella LaMusika balanced interconnects that are really, really good with BAT equipment. John Pharo owns BAT equipment himself, so he can help you with first hand knowledge.

Stealth audio PGS50-50 and Yter interconnects sounds very good with BAT.
Thank you. And what about Metacarbon?
I have tried MIT 350 CVTerminator, they were much too rich and Nordost Valkyrja much to dry for silent listening. Should I consider VD or Synergistic Research?
I've tried a couple bottom-line Synergistic Research and they a little more laid back than MIT in the very top end. Perhaps the Tesla series is different?

VD in my experience is also Yin: a little dark and smooth with great refinement. I don't think you will like these either. But that is just my opinion based on your comments.

We have found the Cardas Golden Reference to be a great match with our BAT gear. If you wish even more zip.... Cardas Neutral Reference.
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Thank you, Arthur! I think I should perhaps also consider Acoustic Zen, they might be open and airy as well. Tesla is a good alternative too.
Call the Cable Company- you can audition Acoustic Zen and Tesla. I recently heard Tesla cables on an all tube BAT system at Stereo Unlimited in San Diego and it sounded terrific as the Tesla cables sound in my solid state system.
Hello Lubos,

I'm enjoying and highly recommend Nordost Valhalla interconnects and speaker cables with my BAT 150se amps and BAT REX preamp. Also, the Valhalla power cords worked out really well for me on the amps and preamp in my system. Good luck in finding what works for you.

Is there any difference between Apex, Precision Ref and Acoustic Ref?
I second the Stealth PGS. I have the BAT VK 30SE and a Classe CA 400, and run the Balanced PGS between the two, and it really warmed up the sound.

Lubos, Yes, Apex, Precision Ref and Acoustic Ref are different. Each cables present a different sonic signature and works better on a specific component. Go to the Synergistic website and read about all the different cables. Also, see my tread:

Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?

Let me know if you have any questions. I have demo'ed them all.
Joeyboynj, thank you, I´ll take a look. A problem is, that they are not imported here and I cannot try them :-(
I have the same set-up. I currently use valhalla interconnect and speaker cables with great results. FYI valhalla (at least in my system) is not forward sounding. I have also enjoyed Audioquest Silver internconnects SKY, and Kilimanjaro (now K2). The AQ does not quite have the air and extension as the Valhalla but is very coherent and "organic" sounding (texture).

I would give a recommendaion to either brand but would stay with one as I think there is system synergy with cables.
I have to 2nd Trcnetmsncom regarding the Nordost Valhalla, I use it throughout my system and they are hard to beat, the hold system just opens up.
I have tried Valkyrja, but for silent listening they seemed to be too dry and analytical. I compared them with Audience Au24. Would Valhalla be more suitable?
Hello Lubos,

I found the Valhalla I.C. S.C. and P.C. to be addictive in my system. The highs are so open and airy with no hardness or forwardness whatsoever. The bottom end is more detailed and extends lower then my previous Cardas GR without the slight mid-bass bloat of the CGR. This added mid-bass bloat gives a sense of a fuller mid-range that actually obscures detail in the lower mids and in the upper bass IMO. I believe this lack of mid-bass bloat is why some people pass on the Valhalla. The mids I find to be dead on.

As of yet I haven't heard this level of speed, neutrality, or detail from other cables. This real information gives me more insight to the phrasing, subtle dynamic shifts, and texture of tone of the instruments being played on the recording.

It might also help you to know I'm using the EMM DAC6se and CDSDse for my front-end and the speakers are Avalon Eidolon Diamonds

Whatever you decide I wish you all the best,
any silver cable will suffice. most cables are extended. it is hard to find cables that are attenuated in the treble.
I had a full Valhalla system- the Tesla Accelerators IC's and Precision Reference SC's edged them out- but when I went Apex and Precision Reference IC's combined with Precision Reference SC's I had a system in a whole different league. Search the threads- a lot has already been written regarding the merits of Tesla vs. Nordost.
Trcnetmsncom, thank you for you opinion. I will try Valhallas and hope they will suit my system better than Valkyrja. Thank you and all the best. Lubos
I just wanted to add that the Valhalla is a great IC BUT you WILL have to have all your IC and speaker wire run with this stuff if you want to hear what it can do. I found that if one wire is from another company in the chain could make the sound come across as dry or just not right. Therefore, if you are going to make the move go all the way and you will be a happy camper. Just my 2 cents.
Thank you, Moemoney! I am a little bit scared of the price... I am also considering SR Teslas.
High-quality cables are a waste of time unless you replace the low-cost wire that is used internally. The cable inside the amp is 22" long and very cheap. What sense does it make connecting a mega buck pair of I/Cs to it?
Dgarretson knows what he is talking about.

Flemke, thank you Tim, I have exchanged few emails with Dgarretson and I will surely follow his advice. Nevertheless. I still will be then looking for a suitable ICs. Lubos