Integrated for Vienna Acoustics Haydn

I have a pair of Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand speakers for my bedroom system. I am looking to upgrade my amp. I am thinking of one of these three integrateds:

Musical Fidelity a3.5
Creek 5350se
Cambridge Audio 840A

Listening tastes- Classical, jazz, acoustic.
Any thoughts, suggestions will be appreciated.
I can look them all up, but do you happen to have the power ratings into 4 ohms? Generally, you'll want at least a 100 watts into 4 ohms and more won't hurt, along with a relatively high damping factor. All VAs like SS power sections.

For solid state, you probably can't go wrong with the Musical Fidelity.

For best results, look for something efficient where the power output doubles from 8 to 4 ohms.

I've heard good things about Prima Luna tube integrateds and know at least 1 person who went with Vienna Acoustics with this.
A friend has larger Vienna's running with a Primare amplifier and it sounds great. The amps look pretty cool too.
I second the Prima Luna opinion. I heard the Haydn's on a Prologue 2 and was a great match in my opinion. I did not see the need for SS that day.
I listened to the Rogue Cronus with the Haydn's at a dealer. I am going to assume that it is not too far from the Prima Luna in terms of power and sonics. I was not too impressed. I guess I like the power/ punch of ss with the speakers. I was seriously thinking about tubes but I am not inclined to having the heat they produce as the amp is close to my bed; okay in the winter maybe but not in other seasons.
Go with the Musical Fidelity.
Try using a Primare I30, I've heard this amp on the Bigger brother... the Mozart Grand, sounded great!