great integ amp for VA Haydn Grand's??

Well, today I finally purchased a pair of Vienna Acoustics
Haydn Grand's in cherry finish! Since I am building this system
from scratch, I now will need a great quality integ amp
that is a great match for the Haydns.
My budget is around $1250.00 used from Audiogon. I would
sure appreciate some recommendations!

Im really thinking about the Primare I20 integ amp that
im told by Sumiko (VA's distributor) is a great match.

I listened to the Haydn Grands at a dealer with the recently released Musical Fidelity a3.5 integrated and a3.5 cd player. It sounded like a fine match.
Depending on room size and how loud you want to go, the Manley Stingray would be a superb amp, just a touch of tube flavor but really quite neutral and wonderful sound. Will need to up the budget just a tad though.
The new Primare I21 is killer. Textured & extended bass, with smooth, yet neutral mids & highs. It is a great match with VA, brings out even more of the inner musicality, but doesn't leave anything on the table.
You said ... "thinking about the Primare I20 that I'm told by Sumiko (VA's distributor) is a great match". Bare in mind that Sumiko is also the US distributor for Primare so you're getting a strongly biased opinion there. I'm not offering an opinion of this equipment match, just thought you ought to know (if your didn't already) that there's certainly financial motivation in that recommendation. Use what you read here to narrow down the options, then use your ears to make a decision. Don't rush and have fun.