Amp for my Vienna Acoustic Haydns?

I'm in the market for a 2channel amp and could use some advice. My budget is $1-2K, new or used. My musical tastes vary, but for the most part are Rock (Garbage, Pearl Jam, Pumpkins) and Techno (house mainly). I'll handle the low frequencies with my M&K MX-150 sub. I've never heard a good tube setup. Based on what I've read here, a tube amp may not be the best setup for me considering my musical tastes, and it will also drive the front channels in my HT setup. I don't have a pre-amp yet, but may consider tubes there to "even out" the sound. The three amps I'm considering and plan to audition next weekend are McCormack's DNA 125 or 225(if I go this route, I would look for a used modded version), Bryston 4B-ST and McIntosh MC162 (is this SS?). Any advice on these three or others I should audition would be greatly appreciated.
I live in Atlanta, the city thinks it is a cosmopolitan city, but it sorely lacks a large variety of high-end audio dealers or brands.
I would look for an ARC CA-50 tube integrated for those speakers. You can find one around $1500 used. I use one w/small Proac monitors and a sub and the sound is incredible, on rock, jazz, chamber music, whatever. There is tube warmth but plenty of punch and slam too.
As much as I love the ARC CA-50 integrated amp (one of the best integrated amps made), I'd go for something with a bit more power.

Tell us me your budget and I will make a recommendation.

I am pretty familiar with Vienna speakers, I drive a pair of Mahlers.

Tok20000: my budget is $1-2K new or used.
Another question, what's up with the Odyssey Audio Stratos amps? Can they be as good as the 97 5/5 they received on audioreview? It sounds too good to be true.
If you don't like tubes, then the McIntosh, and McCormack to a lesser extent, may not be good choices.
You might like the Onix amps. sells them and at much cheaper price than what you've been looking at.
Also Haydn's lack the "boogie factor" as What HiFi describes and may not meet your taste for rock in general. How about Paradigm or Energy speakers?