Integrated for Green Mountain - Classe, Bel Canto

Opinions please! - I am looking for an integrated amp (used) for my Green Mountain Speakers, these are 4 ohm and pretty efficient - currently using an Arcam AVR-300. Price range is 1000 to 1400, used Amps I am considering:

Classe CAP-150
Bel Canto S300i
Arcam FMJ A32

I do need pre-outs for subwoofer and a remote but other than that no bells and whistles, just looking for excellent sound. By the way, my source is a Monarchy DAC24 tube/SS DAC and Cambridge Audio DVD player for video. No TT.

Please don't provide opinion if you are selling one of these amps!


Which model are your speakers? I've had great success with an Eico HF-81 integrated on my EOS HDs. I've wondered how the Manley Stingray, another EL84 tube based integrated would do with them. They can definitely been found used in your price range, have sub out, and are switchable from ultralinear to triode.

I also really enjoyed my VAC Avatar Super with the EOS HDs, but this is out of your budget.
Thanks for the feedback, I will look into the Eico.

I am using the Europa's but am hoping to find a pair of Callistos. Slowly moving up the chain!
I owned the Classe CAP-151 for about two years and replaced it with a Bel Canto eVo2i. The BC is way better IMO. Smoother sound, wonderful features and flawless operation. Every so often I get the upgrade itch and have tried a few others in my system (modded PS Audio Trio C-100 and BC S-300 to name two) but they have all lost to the eVo2i. I'm not sure how much I need to spend to make a change.
An Ayre Ax-7e would be perfect. Used they go a tad higher but it would be worth it.
If you are interested in looking into an Eico HF-81, understand that these are vintage amps, almost 50 years old, and must be restored by a reliable technician. They often show up on Audiogon for $800-900 restored. I love mine, but they can be a bit finicky. There's lots of info available online. I would recommend Googling Peter Breuninger's Stereophile article about the HF-81.
The Ayre seemed like the ideal amp but it has no pre-outs at all. That is a big problem as I run a sub with my GMA's.
If you are letting your subs get in the way of buying a need to sell your subs and buy a sub (or subs) that you can run at speaker level. Simple as that. You may think I'm kidding...I'm not.

thanks for your input on the Eico, I did read the article. I think that I am probably to lazy to deal with finicky and really need a remote!

Simaudio I-5 keeps coming up on the reviews - anyone have experience with it?

Thanks for all your responses - after a lot of research, I decided on the Simaudio I-5 as a great match for the GMA's.

I have to say also, that not only are the Green Mountain's amazing speakers but Roy, the designer and the owner is a terrific guy who will help in anyway he can. He was terrific about giving me feedback and guidance on setting up my system.

I really enjoy the Audiogon community!
Congratulations on your decision. You're absolutely right about Roy. A fantastic guy, who cares passionately about his speakers, and the consumers who purchase them. Enjoy your system!
Even though you've decided, Look into the Edge integrated. Roy strongly recommends these. Synergy.
Yes, Roy recommended I look at the Edge - I am just really on a budget as I am in the middle of a career change, in a couple of years, the whole kit is getting upgraded anyway!

I've had very good results using a Jolida 102b (factery mods) with my Europa Max's... I'm considering moving up line for a little more power and a remote perhaps the 302BRC.

Don't let Jolida's low entry pricve fool you. With the right tubes they sound far better than they should (for the money). That being said I've got a pretty good DAC in the mix as well.

Hopefully I'll beat you to the Callistos... ;)

Enjoy the tunes.