Integrated Amp with Separate Volume Controls

I have a hearing loss of about 3db in my left ear. Because of this, the soundstage is slanted to the right side for me. I am looking for a solid state integrated amplifier in the range of $3000-$5000 that has separate volume controls for each channel-that way I will be able to adjust the volume controls to hear a balanced soundstage.
I don't know if you are going to find something like that. Maybe a balance control would be a better option. Also, if you have the room, you can just move your seating position to the left, or your speakers to the right.
Most YBA pre amps have dual volume controls, not sure of any integrateds. Great components that come up periodically on Audiogon and Canuck Audio mart.
There are some tube amps that are dual mono with separate controls decware
For separate controls, maybe a Redgum? I think all those have separate pots, but not sure if they are synchronized or not.

Some balance control options that come to mind are Accuphase, Luxman, Naim Supernait, Manley Stingray.
Croft Acoustics Integrated (mosfet power stage with
single tube line stage +phono stage)

No relation to vendor. (I do have a Croft preamp for sale
Croft would work if you have fairly efficient speakers. They are described as 40W per channel. If a more powerful amp is needed I would agree with Zd542 in looking for a balance control.
Another option would be to get a regular poweramp and 2 passive volume controls. It will probably be the best sounding way to go.
Redgum may have what you want.
Blue Circle can do this for you.
I used to have a Blue Circle BMPH that had separate controls for right and left and it worked well that way.
Conrad Johnson CA200 has this feature. A used one will sell for between $3-3400. I used one for years and wish I never sold it.
"10-29-14: Cellorover
Conrad Johnson CA200 has this feature. A used one will sell for between $3-3400. I used one for years and wish I never sold it."

Why CJ doesn't make SS products like this anymore amazes me. It was so well balanced in every aspect. You could just listen to it all day with no fatigue. I still have a Premier 18 from this era and I won't sell it.
There is a customized Blue Circle integrated for sale currently on this site. The dual Shallco attenuators will provide the control you need. Good luck.