Increasing volume

Hi all
I have an Octave HP700 with the phono stage module & a Lyra Skala. The gain in the phono module is on the low setting & the recommended load according to Lyra is 95.3ohm...I have it set at 97.

I want to drive the pre a bit more but it's quite loud at  the 10 o'clock position. 
Am I doing something wrong?
Any suggestions on how I can drive my pre a bit more...?

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One of the more common misconceptions, that the position of the volume control knob has anything to do with anything. It does not. YouTube has a highly informative video on this. Search for "Spinal Tap amp goes to 11."
Excellent, very informative...
If it is too loud at the 10 o’clock position something is not right. A preamp should work best in the upper range of the volume dial. Are you sure that the phono module is correct for the output of the cartridge that you are using? You should contact Octave to make sure you are using the correct phono module for the .5 mv output of the Lyra!
@yogiboy  thanks for your reply. Any ideas about possible causes...?
Did you contact Octave? You have too much gain. What power amp are you using? What speakers are you using? Did you always have this problem?

@yogiboy  not spoken to Octave yet...I'll speak to my dealer later.

My amps are W4S SX-1000R monos & my speakers are Audio Physic Avantera III.

I did incur the problem before but altered the gain setting in the phono module.& it seemed fine.

I have recently introduced a new tonearm cable but surely that wouldn't be the cause ...??