If you haven't tried them, you need to...

It's only one person's opinion, but if your CD player has the capability to decode HDCDs and you're not taking advantage of it by buying HDCDs, then shame on you. HDCDs add a level of detail that red book CDs just don't have. And don't overlook CDs with SBM (Sony Bit Mapping); you can find them hiding in the store racks if you look. Also, JVCXRCDs are out of this world, taking the detail to a whole new level. They cost more, but I think they're well worth it. I have the Eagles' Hell Freezes Over, and it's great. If I come across any of my favorite groups in any of the above formats, I buy it, even if I already have it in my library. They're that much better. Don't know what trips your trigger, but I recommend you give a listen if you're not familiar with these formats.

If anyone has stumbled across something else out there that I should listen to, please let me know.
Rockyboy, there are several CD's that have been remastered in HDCD and haven't been coded as such. I agree with you. There was a website; hdcd.com that at one time listed all the albums remastered in HDCD, but I haven't seen it up in a while. I think HDCD rivals SACD. Professor Johnson is brilliant! Too bad Microsoft bought out Pacific Microsonics, Johnson's company and raised the royalty fees to use HDCD coding. That is why so many manufacturers don't offer it anymore.
Madeleine Peyroux, "Dreamland" (HDCD).

Another disc, not HDCD but great sound and good music is "Nature" by Dave's True Story.

Good topic.
If you like the Moody Blues, 5 of their earlier recordings were remastered and released as hybrid SACD's earlier this year. I'm a Moody Blues nut and I found the SACD's to be superior to any version (Vinyl, MoFi Vinyl, MoFi Gold CD's) that I have heard. I haven't been a big fan of SACD, but these pressings are very good.
Just been listening to Dolly Parton on SACD - Little Sparrow - where she does a wonderful version of "Shine" (Collective Soul) - Vocals are outstanding on this recording.

I agree on HDCD and XRCD too - the quality is usually outstanding. I've had quite a few HDCD's which weren't marked as such, or rather you had to look at the fine print to discover it, or watch the lights on the DAC light up.

XRCD-- as close to analog these tympanics have ever heard in my rig. Have about 40 of these babies. Not a dud in the crowd...wonderful listening...

hi guys
is it possible to list some of these gems,my system decodes HDCDs
xrcds are a waste of money. i have compared the xrcd to the orginal recording and have preferred the original recording each time.

xrcds generally attenuate bass and give the apparent perception of more detail. i will not buy these cds anymore.

as for hdcds, i find them easier to listen to they are more relaxed sounding with possibly a loss of detail.
I see SBM all the time in the cut out bins mostly in the Jazz section(Miles,Brubeck,Hancock)and also alot of 24 bit remasters. I like the sound that the 24 bit remaster's garnishes esp. The van gelder Remasters.
Funny, but not all HDCD's are actually labelled that way. Nothing on the box or the disk for Cassandra Wilson's Rendezvous CD, but it plays as HDCD in the player.

So is there an online site that lists all the HDCD's or for that matter other non-redbook formats?
usually i only make sure that CD i buy has the artist or the band i love. as to hdcd sometimes there could be red-book being recorded better than hdcd.
Launche - Acousticsounds.com and Musicdirect.com both sell HDCDs as well as other formats.

Alpass - I live in the past, so forgive my taste. Here's some of my favorites:
Creedence Clearwater Revival - 20bit
Billy Joel/52nd St - Sony Bit Mapping (SBM)
Pink Floyd/Wish You were Here - SBM
Boston - SBM
Santana - SBM
Simon & Garfunkel/Bridge over Troubled Water - SBM
Sly & the Family Stone/Stand - SBM
Birds/Greatest Hits - SBM
Bad Company - HDCD
Crosby, Stills & Nash - HDCD
Alan Parsons Project/Works - SBM
The Cars - HDCD
Buffalo Springfield/Again - HDCD
BeeGees/Greatest Hits - HDCD
The Band/Greatest Hits - 24bit
Eric Clapton/Reptile - HDCD
Chet Atkins/Master and His Music - HDCD
Beach Boys/Pet Sounds - HDCD
Van Halen - HDCD
Dire Straits/Best of - HDCD
Plus various Reference Recordings in HDCD - Dick Hyman, Pomp & Pipes, Turtle Creek Chorale - Postcards, etc.

Like Marakanetz, I buy ony the artists that I like. But like I said in my original post, I'm a sucker for a better format if I come across the same album. Unfortunately, I never took the SACD or DVDA plunge. Still not sure if one or both ever really caught on. So I'm clueless as to what they offer and which is superior.

Check the archives by searching HDCD for plenty of recommendations. Also try this http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=67082&highlight= for a large list.
I'm a big fan of HDCD.
Here's the most comprehensive list of HDCD's that I know of, just click on the database button...

Others of possible interest:
Joni Mitchell cds--several titles
Roxy Music--several titles; Avalon is a must!
Brian Ferry--several titles; Boys and Girls is a must
The Cars-same title; a must
Buffalo Springfield--all 3 cds
Steve Stills-Manassas
Hey Rockyboy; great, varied, selection of music you listen to! How's that Sly Stone CD? I love his stuff! Also, the Buffalo Springfield? didn't know that was HDCD
Here's another site that lists a few HDCD. Click on the LIBRARY icon and you'll see the link in the drop down list.
so do i
WOW! Can't wait to explore the sites you guys suggested. But right now my wife wants to see a movie; so it'll have to wait till later tonight. Thanks for the tips.

Not sure if I can single out any one CD, but if you're an Alan Parsons fan, the Works CD is a "must" buy.