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Any suggestions for middle eastern music
Jef Stott, the artist behind Lumin and Stellamara, recently released the cd Saracen. Loga Torkian of Niyaz was previously involved with the middle eastern band Axiom Of Choice, any of their three albums are a good choice.Calamus, on MA Records, ha... 
Tagging problem with dbpoweramp/sb?
Strange! I've now ripped a little over 2000 cd's with Dbpower and haven't had that problem. Even the relatively rare missing cover art is easily downloadable from Slothradio or Amazon. I'm presuming that your Dbpower is grabbing the info onto the ... 
What Happened to CD Clubs & Stores to Buy CDs?
Another good place for brousing new music is the All Music Guide site, all reviews and bio's are link so you can run off on tangents forever! They have a newsletter subscription as well, for weekly new release news. 
ONEAC CP 1107 Power conditioner
IIRC, it's rated for ~6 amps, leave about 30% for "head room" which leaves you with 4 usable amps, enough for about everything except your amplifier(s). My old rule was to not spend more that $10 per the unit code (7) when bidding for them on E-ba... 
Where to buy amplifier chassis for DIY?
Here's the one I couldn't find earlier...http://diyenclosures.com/ 
Where to buy amplifier chassis for DIY?
recommended reading
Bruce Rozenblit's book is available for $19.99 at the Trancendent Sound site... http://www.transcendentsound.com/audioreality.htm 
Anyone going to see Loreena McKennitt?
Ashra,She'll be at the Kimmel Center... 
Built a Flexi-type rack?
Excellent job and very nicely detailed! Thanks John.FYI, I noticed that Bed, Bath And Beyond now carries the John Boos butcher block. Great prices if you receive the same 20% off coupons that I seem to get twice weekly :-)) 
how do I attach opamp to module
The Brown Dogs are adaptors, soic to dip etc. Aamxyz, are you sure that's the right part #? I'm presuming you're trying to fit a surface mount opamp to a dip connection? Anyway, here are a couple of surface mount soldering tutorials to get you sta... 
Isolation Transformer OR Power conditioner
As much as I hate to admit it, PS Audio has a new, very inexpensive filter system out that, according to a very trusted friend, is just amazing. http://www.psaudio.com/products/duet_power_center.aspIt has both common and differential mode filterin... 
If you haven't tried them, you need to...
Here's the most comprehensive list of HDCD's that I know of, just click on the database button...http://www.hifimusic.se/hdcd/ 
Who has Caps on their AC lines ???
Auricaps and the like are not AC rated! Be sure you are using 600v dc rated caps and even then they must be protected with a fuse to insure they do not start a fire when they fail. The best way to do this is to simply install them in your individu... 
Built a Flexi-type rack?
I was very lucky and was able to get my 1-3/4" maple shelving for free, they are old workbench tops that were being thrown away at work. I was able to make four shelves from one bench alone! I'll try posting some pictures as soon as I replace the ... 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Um... (red face) make that Peggy Lee's Fever, thanks Madhf!