I see a lot of Chinese MBL6010D knock offs

I see so many who use it as a reference for the circuit in their preamps.

So is the circuit in the original MBL6010D really that good?

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It's just the clone that is popular at the moment.
coulda been Mark Levinson, coulda been Krell, coulda been Dartzeel... coulda been...
..wait..it has been one of those as the circuit of the moment, over the years of eBay Chinese copies..
Someone on here has a Dartzeel Chinese clone, stating it was the best amp he has owned, but is now selling it, as he wants tubes for his new efficient speakers. Personally, if it was that good, I do not know why he wouldn't keep it as a 2ndary, or a back up. I believe it is on USAM. The Chinese are known to copying, and I think much of their stuff is likely pretty good ( from my readings, not from 1st hand experience ). Enjoy ! MrD.