E&T spider rack knock offs - how bad are they?

Been researching racks, found that Finite Elemente no longer manufactures their spider rack. China makes a knock off, has anyone bought one of these, how bad are they? Thanks in advance. Ebay ad:
Hm. They must be REALLY bad...!
Are you sure that FE was the one manufacturing these? Looks more like"The Rack of Silence" or whatever it was called by that Scandinavian company. All of FEs that I have seen had maple shelves. In fact I remember a test by a European site of FE vs a Spider Rack of some type.
stanwall, see link below:
i'm assuming FE was the originator of the design, but that point is secondary to finding these racks in the US, which is what I'd really like to do. shipping one of the E&T racks from China will cost about $200.
FE has a distributer in Denver supposedly, Blunote, but i haven't been there yet.
Also see this interesting link comparing the FE product with the Chinese version:

Just looked up the rack of silence and it looks incredible Btw, more high-end quality than FE's product, at first glance, very nice...
Unbelievable! What's next? Fake Symposium bases, fake BDR cones and platforms, fake Graham tonearms, fake Koetsu cartridges, fake PS audio AC receptacles.

Stanwal, you were thinking of Solid-Tech racks, which I own...quite a few. I can assure you they are good racks. They even have vibration measurements posted on their website.