Opportunity to knock out a wall - make an 18 x 30 room

Would like to get some feedback

my audio room is 27 ft x 14.5 ft ( With a few cutouts on the couch side - kitchen cabinet and small closet for jackets.  I like no side wall reflections

my speakers are on the long wall due to room functionality.
I have my main system there - nearfield 9 ft distance - listening one foot from the back wall. I have it nicely treated with Real Traps and GIK. It sounds great at my listening spot but the room can overload with volume particularly on cd and I am not getting the perfect integration of drivers nor widest sweet spot.

i would like to sit slightly further back with plenty of space behind me, have clear sound in a larger space and occasionally have audiophile friends over and  sit on chairs behind the main listening spot

my second room works really well for home theatre 18x19 with a 10 ft opening into the kitchen.

I am contemplating taking one wall out between the rooms and making a great room 18 x 30 x 8 tall for my main system and a side 12 wide by 9 deep nook for a tv and the home theatre

i would have to integrate things, rework dedicated lines, perhaps remove a fireplace, it's not the supporting wall but put in a beam support,  go seamless floor between rooms - most likely wood - it has tile in one room - carpet in the other.

thoughts? Don’t do it?

probably lowers the resale value on my house but so

i should note I am a single father -  kids gone/empty nester, have a great contractor 2 doors down and always have my speakerz 3+ feet out into the room

i could do some testing - swap my main system (or leftovers) in the 18x19 room to see if a few extra foot in depth makes a difference - the bigger room opens up into 10 ft wide kitchen


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The single best feature of my listening room is the solid core door, with weather stripping. Running a close second is a tie between the 5/8" sheetrock over 1/2" sound board, and the 1/2" MDF shutters that close over the windows blocking out both light and noise.

How are you planning on keeping the noise out of your room?

Well, your bass should improve in the 18 X 30 X 8 room. The 18 X 19 is a bad room for hi fi. Dimensions are too close. I would go with the 18 X 30 X 8. Just make sure that wall is not load carrying!
Try setting up on the long axis and see what you think.
Placing Mains at 1/3 Room Length and Seating at 2/3 Room Length.
Attention to Reflections on sides and ceiling.
27' x 14' is a good dimension.
Consider keeping the two rooms / systems separate as is practical.
The Lay out is all you ...
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Thanks for the insight

the short wall speaker orientation will not work.
exposed speakers and couch in main walkway

the wall is not a load bearing wall

the 19 by 18 by 8 is horrible dimensions but works with HT - two JL Audio subs. There is an opening into the kitchen and bookcases in back holding the rear satelittes it works. The room may act more like a L 27'  W 19' H 8'
This sounds like a Room Mode Peak.

" It sounds great at my listening spot but the room can overload with volume particularly on cd and I am not getting the perfect integration of drivers nor widest sweet spot."

For Reference: https://www.gikacoustics.com/what-are-room-modes/

It would be best to experiment before making floor plan changes.

It is not necessary to use the the whole width of the room.
Ideal placement is not the only possible configuration.

thanks Rego

It's a matter of not turning it up to loud.

In the next room it sounds tonally accurate.

Open doors on the listening wall at both ends

In regard to how this would look.

My daughter has a great room in a recently built house - but it's 10 ft ceilings and things open up into a modern open kitchen floor plan.

Older homes can't pull that off so well.

I am stuck with 8 ft ceilings which might make a larger room look more "cave" ish. and constrain the sound further back.

My friend has a split level where he renovated the downstairs - knocking out a bedroom and created a 30 x 18+ space. His restriction was a 7' ceiling - but it sounds great in there and opens up onto a lovely backyard and pool. Incidently his house is where we played the Ulysses and they sounded wonderful with the larger depth.

Don't get me wrong - I am getting great sound from my system

but I know with those speakers going from 9 ft to 11 ft or greater away really allows them to sing.

My neighbor and friend is a contractor and has done all my home remodeling.
One option is to add a nice finished central beam and wall frame to cover the room transition which also would allow you to quickly and effectively put a wall back up later.

just a thought



Before you go through all of that work,  use a heavy drape on the wall behind you.... It will help,  how much is the question.... worth a try. 
I stacked several boxes in the corners where I suspected bad room nodes,  made all the difference in the world.  I am going to build some sort of trap to break up the wave.  I believe you can do a good job on that room without losing the function of another.  good luck, Tim
I have treated that wall with GIK art work absorption
Real Traps Mondo bass traps in the corners etc

any more sound treatments starts to kill the music