I need tunes at work

Sites like Pamdora are blocked here but it seems some artist sites music is allowed such as The Cowboy Junkies and recently found I could listen to what Sade has.
Not sure why their music makes it through our filters but my question is...have other hard working folk out there with similar blocking of streaming audio(like my Pandora situation)found artists that have complete songs available that perhaps would also sneak through to me? Not looking for any particular genre as I am always open to new tunes.
If you can't take an iPod to work you could use a USB drive and put some of your own music on it and simply plug it into the puter and play it back. You could also download iTunes but would take up space on the office computer.
Most likely you network has installed a URL filter which blocked pandora.com. One way to get around it is to use a public proxy relay server which isn't blocked by your URL filter. When you want to connect to pandora, you will connect to the proxy server it than relay your request to pandora.com.

One of the proxy relay server is GTunnel http://www.internetfreedom.org/GTunnel

I have not used it myself because I have no such need but friends of mine had. You might want to give it a try.
GTunnel is blocked also. I have done the mp3 thing but sometimes I like to do a little music exploring and work lends itself well to that. Mainly it's background music of course, but if a voice or tune sticks out for me I then go out and buy some of it. That's why Pandora was great when I was able to get it. The music section here has been fantasctic for me too if/when I find the time at home to look up some of the artists mentioned here. I would imagine it's only a matter of time before I can't be here when at work too!
Don't know about artist's sites, but I frequently listen to radioparadise.com, WXPN.com and WNKY.com. Can you listen directly to any of these internet radio sites? If yes, you might want to do a search for other radio stations that stream via the internet. There is a good list in iTunes under the radio banner....
One way to get around it is to use a public proxy relay server which isn't blocked by your URL filter.
That's what you need to do,try a find a way around your company's blockers!!Can you say,"You're fired"?
Have you tried www.last.fm (probably blocked, if they block Pandora, but you never know)?
How bout gdradio if you like the dead?
Well all of the above welcome suggestions are not so welcome at work. Once upon a time I could get XPN and others...life/work was good! I guess I'll just continue to bring in my own tunes. As I mentioned, Cowboy Junkies website is obtainable at work...and I never realized they have so much music I have not heard.
How about a mobile phone capable of reaching any of these websites? There are apps for Pandora, Last.fm, XPN, Sirius (for a fee) on some platforms, and surely many others.
Download and install Foobar2000 then load in the internet radio (commercial free) stations that interest you at SomaFM: http://somafm.com/

They have something for everyone... I prefer the Drone Zone and Space Station at work.