ipod/itunes problems

since 4.7 came out i cannot play or load my ipod without skipping or a "tape dropout" type problem occuring. i am using with a new dell and all drivers are updated. i only transfer music from prerecorded cd's. if i play the music on home system or computer using windows media or real player problem disappears. i looked on apple's discussion section and it looks like it is happening on other people's units. i have 2 40 gig units and it does it on both. any suggestions???
You'll have to excuse me on this one, but I don't think ipod anything has a place here.
Merganser, you'll have to excuse me on this one, but if redbook CD has a place here so does the ipod with its cabaility to store about 80 CD's in redbook quality.

Round, I have read about similar problems before:

Troubleshooting the iPod and iPod mini

Sounds dropouts, pauses [Added May 28th, 2004]

The iPod and iPod mini both sport a 32MB RAM buffer. When a track commences, the iPod caches the audio (up to 25 minutes) in the buffer, allowing for uninterrupted play if the hard drive is disrupted, as well as increasing battery life by accessing the hard disk less frequently.

If files exceed this 32MB buffer, the iPod has to re-access its hard drive, in some cases causing the audio dropout.

Have fun enjoying your music anywhere you go. Good luck

11-14-04: Merganser
"You'll have to excuse me on this one, but I don't think ipod anything has a place here."

Lighten up Frances. Music formating is going this direction whether you like it or not. The iPod is a great component.

I saw this as well but have not experienced it with mine. I would pick up the phone to Apple Support or take it to an Apple Store and visit the Genius Bar. You will surely get some answers and hopefully a rememdy. Good Luck!

you have your right to offer your comments but i feel your answer is what is specifically what is wrong with high end audio today. i have been involved on the retail side of audio since the mid seventies and a music lover of all types of music for longer than that. i have quite a collection of mid and high end audio in my home at any given time for evaluation and pleasure. upper priced audio in its prime was justified with music reproduction. how many times did any of you out there buy equipment based on a piece of music you might never of heard before. in my case i bought double advents in the 70's after hearing emerson lake and palmer "lucky man" and linda ronstadt "love has no pride". later on i upgraded to infinity qls-1 when i heard billy cobham. the quads i listen to today are from an experience with an obscure piece of classical music that blew me away. today the overlying attitude is arrogance and snobbery...not the music hobby club type affiliation we had. in audio retail we use to dress in denin shirts and blue jeans. today it is business casual or corporate dress. have we grown up or are we too full of ourselves? ipod is recognized in the pages of stereophile and used by such respected companies as wilson audio. i simply posted a question as i have been unable to get a fix from either apple support or their discussion groups. i apologize if i offended you or any other audiogon reader. but i agree with a couple of the feedbacks...lighten up
If Dave Wilson can demonstrate his speakers with the ipod as the source component, then I think we have to let ipod in here. If you didn't know of this, he did it at an HE show a while back. He had a Krell 25i CD player as a "dummy" and showed at the end of the demo he was using an ipod as the source. There's going to be an absolute sound article coming up about what's more important, the source or the speakers. Guess we know where David Wilson will be on that topic.
iPOD, schmiPOD. People have lost their ears. I delight in loaning friends 25 year old pieces of gear, usually amplifiers but sometimes speakers and embarrassing their new toys.

The iPOD has a place to be sure, it's just not for critical listening.

A respectable dealer pointed me toward a new (broken in)pair of $2,000/pr. ProAc speakers with delight. I listened and then politely offered my Rogers LS3/5As which had just been upgraded with better wire for comparison. The dealer, fully acquainted with Rogers invited the comparison. The Rogers disassembled the ProAcs. 25 year old technology should not stand a chance, but does and often bests the new.

This scenerio is repeated time and time again. The newest is rarely the best at this junture.
Looks like a few feathers have been ruffled by my comment...

Roundmoundofsound, I wasn't offended nor did I mean to offend, it's just my opinion. The guys at the ultra high end shops in my area still wear blue jeans as do I. It's got nothing to do with snobbery, just sound quality .

Christopher, you don't know my name, so don't pretend you do. This comment from you says more than I could, ".....it (iPOD) actually sounds pretty good considering the format through my system." A Bose Wave radio can sound pretty good too if you don't listen closely.

I think Celtic66 hit the nail on the head, "The iPOD has a place to be sure, it's just not for critical listening." And that is what I based my original comment on.

Happy listening to all.
Merganser, nowhere in the original post was it stated that the iPod was a high end device suitable for "critical listening", therefore your original response was irrelevant and totally unhelpful.

You might be able to find an answer to the skipping problem here.
"Lighten up Frances" is from the movie Stripes! Bill Murray, John Candy? Remember?? I did not think it was your name, it is just an expression.

The iPod is what it is. If I want to listen critically, I load a disc in to my CARY CD Player. If I am on the go then the iPod more than serves its purpose. Even for entertaining, I use iTunes and stream it wirelessly into my Cary SLI-80 or into other rooms of the house. Is it the absolute in resolution? NO! But it serves a useful purpose.

My whole point is that it is NOT COOL to discriminate based on a component that you do not think sounds good. We all have opinions, and some of us, Tin Ears. It is really about the music no matter what component it is being played on.



for any of you out there, dell has finally come to my aid. it seems that microsoft service pack 2 has some issues affecting the bus drivers(?). by uninstalling service pack 2 and reinstalling service pack 1 so far the problem has not occured. supposedly it only affected microsoft xp users. sorry for the stink this discussion caused
My young niece wants an Ipod for Christmas. Ipods make music. We talk about music here. 'nuff said...on the above asides.

Oh, to learn more I went to my firefox search engine and toyed with various searches in the google search engine. I was amazed with the chats I found doing searches like...ipod problems....ipod support....ipod venting.

Since I am on a bit of a learning curve I look forward to such discussions here.