Using Apple + iTunes to stream - I need help

So I have been using my iMac + iTunes to stream WAV files direct to my system.

iMac died, so I thought I'll link to my music (located on a NAS) using my Windows version of iTunes.

This process relocated ALL of my tracks into the "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album" folders on the NAS drive

This is a documented issue (I say issue, since Apple does not regard it as a problem) due to the album/artist info is not being stored in a WAV file (apparantly - the Apple excuse)

So my question is - is there any software out there that can rebuild my album/artist directory structure?

Thanks for any assistance
I remember copying my iTunes Library XML from the PC to Mac. Never done it the other way around. I did have to do a global search and replace to point to the right directory/folder

Don't know if it will fix yours cos I use AIFF for precisely this reason.
I'm not sure why you think it's Apple's fault that you chose to use a file format that is well know for not gracefully handling metadata and then had a problem with the transfer of metadata.