I need good power cable for musical fidelity KW500

Hi everybody,
I need help, I had KW500 for 6 months now very happy but i still can't find any good match power cable to go with. I still use the factory one (actually is really good sound) I did try some cable and most recent one and most expansive one is Shunyata Python Helix still no good I don't know why(factory one is even better). When i use python ths sound much closer a bit shut in lost the soundstage but more bass which is I'm not looking for.

Current setup:
Dynaudio contour S3.4
Musical Fidelity KW500
Marantz SA11S1 SACD player
all cables are Audience au24 interconnect and speaker cable and power cord for CD player.

If you want more instant dynamics and soundstage try a Bmi Hammerhead Gold power cable.
I had all Anacondas 2's and agree the sound stage is not as big as it could be. I replaced my Conda's with new Synergistic Research Tesla power cords. See my system and click on each cable for a brief description. Also lot's has already been written about these new power cords elsewhere on the Gon.
I used to use Shunyata Pythons in the past . I'm now using Marigo Audio Andromeda. These cords are head and shoulders above the Pythons, They are, however, $2000. You didn't give us a budget so I don't know where your'e at. Best regards, Jeff
Call Don at DCCA....exquisite power cords.....
bhkingkenneh, I've owned alot including the shunyata stuff which sucks! Try a Transparent MM ....you will crap your pants. Huge soundstage, dynamic as hell, clear as a bell and harmonics to die for!!!
Audition the MIT Magnum AC-2, your search will be over.
I also recommend the Power cables through Don at DCCA Audio.

Thanks everybody advice, what i'm looking for $1000 range used...but very hard to find in audiogon especially 20A.Have anybody heard Elrod Statement?
DCCA is in your price range, call Don and maybe even check to see if he has any demo cords....
That takes a 20 Amp IEC right? Believe it or not I tried the Shunyata Python and Richard Grays good cord and the Gray beat it by a good deal. Better HF and image and properly stated bass. I too like you didn't like the Pythons bass, it was too much. Grays are $750 new and about half that here on A'gon.I now use one on all my gear including an MF Trivista SACD and two CJ amps.

Try them all from the cable company and then get the Transparent MM reference PC....nothing else comes close!!
If you want to try a DCCA Audio cable...you'll have to get them direct from DCCA Audio or used here on Audiogon. We don't have a dealer program. Don DCCA Audio
Today i have a chance to test the hydra 4 with python. This time is much better than just use python alone.
But i still not sure by the time i spend two python one hydra 4 price and i can get much better and more expansive PC.so which way i should go...please help me.
Get the FREAKIN TRANSPARENT MM PC already and forget the other scrap and tin ear responses...do it now!!!

Did you let the Phythons break in? My sound stage was a bit narrow and bass was not as well integrated as I would like but a few hundred hours later...

I do have Hydra 8.