Musical Fidelity Kw500 & Bryston A/V: Set up HELP

Current Set Up Situation

Musical fidelity Kw500 cabled directly into front speakers
Cary 305 SACD

Home Theatre
Bryston 9BSST 5 channel power amp cabled into same front speakers as music set up
Bryston SP 1.7 preamp processor
Denon DVD 3910

I think the best way I can summarize the problem is:

1) how do I use the Musical fidelity integrated to listen to stereo Cds through the front speakers and
2) How best to use the front speakers as part of the home theatre 5 channel with the Bryston 5 channel amplifier and processor.

Currently I using 2 sets of amps wired to the same front speaker so when I listen to music I use the Musical Fidelity amp and when I watch movies or listen to surround sound 5.1, I use the Bryston amp and processor while switching the MF amp off adn vice versa. This of course is not good such as if I forget to switch off one amp and then turn on the other at the same time they could just fuse. This is not safe I think unless I am very very careful.

I would like to use the amp and pre amp (tube) sections of the Musical Fidelity as its got a clean and transparent sound for music.

Possible options I have been told are:

a) use musical fidelity amp to PREOUT into the processor for front channels (and just use rear and centre from 5 channel amp into processor) for ALL MUSIC AND MOVIES but this would I think degrade the sound from music as its going through the processor but much easier to set up and use.

b) use a speaker switcher box?? bring 2 sets of speaker cable into the box from different amplifiers and one set of cable from the box to the speakers therefore only allowing one signal into the speaker with selector. Would
this degrade the sound? Are these available commercially?

C) Keep as is and just plug and unplug one set of speaker cables into the front speakers depending on music and movies. Very troublesome.

d) Buy another pair of speakers just for Cary 306/MF combo -just for music no movies. This way all cables are separate into different speakers.
Problem: expensive and takes up a lot of space!!

e) other suggestions - don't know any more?

Appreciate your thoughts from any hi-fi gurus out there as its becoming a pain in the A. Thanks for ideas that can help.
HI, I am in a similar set-up dielma. I am going to try to use y-cables from the cd players front outputs. 1 leg going to the pre-pro in to play (centr, sub,& rears) and the the other leg going to the 2 channel inputs on my integrated to play the front speakers. The only glitch in theory is that all set up features must be made in the source(dvd set-up on your denon)and you will have seperate volume controls for the front speakers(MF) and the rest of the speakers (Bryston).

hope this helps
Ok here it goes.

Connect the front L/R pre out of the Bryston to the aux input on the Musical Fidelity. Set the volume on the MF at a predetermined setting say 9:00. Calibrate the bryston center and rear to match the output of the MF and you are good to go.

It's kind of amazing that the KW 500 doesn't have the home theater pass thru like it does on its other integrated amps. What Michael suggested will work fine, just be careful to watch the volume when switching sources.
Thanks a lot for everyones input. I will give it a try.