I have an orig Threshold S-500 and it needs atten

My S-500 was blowing mains fuses up to 15 ampupon turn on. Now it won't power up period.Q. Wasn't there a man named sodderburgh, soderman or such who used to work for nelson at the threshold firm and now is the man for repairs? Help!
Jon Soderberg:

Yes. Contact Jon Soderberg, 8251 Holly Dr, Citrus Heights, CA. Call (916)721-9611. Good Luck.
I have Oasis s-200m huge mono amplifiers. Keep blowing fuses on turn on. Only one amp is affected. Can anybody help?

Great amp the S500, bought mine blown cheap, and repaired it, loves the bias set so the heatsinks run at 60c. I’m in Australia so I can’t help you.

No need for a Threshold specific tech, just a good solid state tech would do as they’re quite easy to work on, as nearly all the circuits are on the net and good techs know how to search them out.

To find good techs ring around hifi shops that carry some hiend gear, and see who they use, as most now use outside repair companies.

Cheers George


keep me posted & happy listening!