I had a spider crawl in my preamp A Problem?

I didn't know if I should post this but Oh Well Here Goes.
I sent out to have my CJ PV-5 Preamp's top cover to have it professionally chromed at a plating shop.I had turned on my tubes and noticed something crawling across one of my yellow caps,and sure enough it was an hugly little spider.
Can a spider short out anything in the preamp,or is the only thing that is being shorted out is his own life.
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If the spider didn't didn't get fried, then no harm was done to the preamp either.
For the sake of Mother Nature you must immediately put it onto a rubber shoes!
Sounds like you have a bug in your system! ;)
"Can a spider short out anything in the preamp...?"

Only if he had Taco Bell for lunch!
Most spiders like techno music, so please have a little consideration with your musical selections.
I agree with sdcambell, spider alive - no harm done. But if the spider had gotten between B+ and ground - it would - IMHO - be like a convicted killer in an Electric chair - dead person/spider - but the Equipment (your preamp and the electric chair) would still work.
It should only pose a problem for all the other insects that crawl into your preamp.
I had a small bug in my Sony RPTV once. Damn thing looked about 6" long as it crawled across the mirror with the TV on!
Maybe after getting irradiated from those 3 big CRT "guns" it wound up 6" long!
I think most spiders are rated at less than 5 amperes so it probably blew before I caused any damage. Unless you are the spider then the amp is of no concern...er was
I am not sure but I would flush it out with a fan, blow drier or anything to get it out. Remember the 'computer bug' - it was actually caused by a bug that crawled in one of the earliest computers and touched two valves that were not supposed to be connected. It took scientists a lot of man-hours to find this out. Hence the term - computer bug.
There was an old Conrad that housed a spider;
How absurd, to house a spider!
There was an old owner who sent in a bird;
How absurd, to send in a bird!
He sent the bird to catch the spider
That wriggled and jiggled and wiggled inside it.
He sent the spider to catch the fly...
He sent the bird to catch the spider...
Perhaps the spider will fry...;^)
Spiders, not bad. Cockroaches, move out !!
Actually it enhances the moosicality. Only computers are harmed by bugs. Good day!
No, in fact it will probably improve your soundstaging, imaging, and tonality. If it was a cryo'd spider, even better yet!
Sorry to inject a serious tone to this thread, but a spider web caused a short in my electrostatic air cleaner a few years ago. Would not "kick on". Did not damage the circuit board it was on, and after removal operation was back to normal. So, my experience suggests you pull the cover and be sure the critter has not not set up residence.
You can always sell it on the "web"
I think I have enough comments about the Spider now.Thats enough disecting of the subject matter.Thanks for the poetry.You guys and gals make me CHUCKLE.If I can find him I'll see how much I can get for him on Ebay.
Female spiders are usually the bigger gender..make sure no Eggs start hatching....